April Expansion Name Reveal

About 87% sure that i heard KAKAROO...TOOOOO 2x times in this video. With that in mind, i saw a hairless petrified giant, maybe carbonized by lava and i thought:
Goku has a super saiyajin hair and this big creature hasn't hair! So i see; it sacrificed his ssj hair and put this ssj power on that table so the few who pass the crucible and comes to that place can forge ssj power on your item and make super saiyajin itens!


Maybe freeza comes out as a boss!
He was Eminem. No doubt!
Cant wait for another 40/40
oga boga 200hours more of poe
I AM hyped!
Will this come with news for the next supporter pack mtx as well? Anyone know?
Innomen wrote:

And my people will need a week of play to get to maps while the streamers will have all the content down and be trading magebloods by day 2.

You don't have to be a streamer to achieve that, but I mean that's what happens when you are dedicated enough to get plenty of progress done within the first week.
Just a good way that they don't hand out leveling/progression or magebloods for free to everyone in the game.
a nice thing Poe offers while others lack into it, the reward you get if you put time into it.
the unrighteous were turned to ash~
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DarkSouls league?

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