April Expansion Name Reveal

Хичиго wrote:
Diablo 4 is not a competitor to Path of exile 100%

Of course not, games don't aim at the same customers.
Maybe this league will introduce material types for gear and gear can be further personalized. Of course with risks of destroying/bricking the item while changing its material.
hope they wont butcher every goddamn build this league,i fucking hate having a list of builds that i want to play only finding the day b4 the league that they are all dead/crippled and i have nothing to play,thus my motivation just went poof
VidarNanowish wrote:

Look at these graphics, so beautiful, 1000x better than the "next gen ARGP" that will be released in beta soon and over hyped.

PoE looks better and better patch after patch. And this music so deep. Everything during 25seconds is perfect.

I can't wait.

You clearly do not understand what "next gen" is, I can tell you it definitely isn't a game that recommends a graphics card that released way back in 2014, or a CPU that released in 2013. Diablo 4 is nowhere near being "next gen" it can run on a potato.
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Uhh, Cant wait!
wze got expension but we have to wait 1 month for season?

THEY DID IT? NO WAY?! Im off to try it right now.

Okay they really did, wow, i can play this game again with my favorite build!

Thank you dude for quoting me honestly i kinda gave up, would never have seen this without you, you're awesome!

And thank you GGG for listening, it only took 3 months of me posting it everywhere i could think of and exchanging messages with the support team. Was miserable it made me want to never play the game again, but hope is now back.

Maybe i'll buy supporter packs again

Would love to fight against the final boss "Eminem". Can't wait.

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