April Expansion Name Reveal

Hmmm.. there's bound to be an Unforgiven league eventually. You'll run out of words.
the statue guy looks like Jon Bernthal lol
Probably some crafting league which will be worthless to the 95% which dont want to be bothered by casino slot machine rollng aka crafting.
Love the theme cant wait to find out more!! Every trailer is like x mas eve!
Hyping POE while in the queu fiasco of D4beta
Where PoE 2?
We need to beat D4 (:
If this is another mechanic that takes us out of maps - then its a NO from me!
If you read this, you are a noob like me =(
Setsuga wrote:
Where PoE 2?
We need to beat D4 (:

Don't worry about that .
If the actions in the past decade of Blizz-tivision showed anything;
it will beat itself better than any competitor could

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