No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

new mode was introduced to the game with this topic:

Diablo 4 can't come soon enough and it better be outstanding.
Only then GGG will reconsider the course.
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when tree
"more fun" yeah my educated guess says its something more like "keep you in front of the pc for as long as possible at any cost(including you rage quitting the game for 5 leagues)"
I super approve of this (no sarcasm). So tired of all the extra effort put in just for the vocal minority to misinterpret any changes.
#nerfeveryting just don't tell any1
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
I will check the patchnotes and new league on their videos, not gonna even bother logging ingame if its trash.

If they dont buff drops
If they dont buff skills and older skills
If they dont make the game overall "fun" again

i will not come back

easy and simple-
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lmao! I read it as, "we pride ourselves a studio who has been being clear and transparent in communication with our playerbase since our inception, but because throughout the years we've fxxked up our casual players so bad and now all we left is a bunch of ADHD whinny RMT kids (with their rich daddy wallet tho), and since sugarcoating nerf no longer work as well so.... no more manifesto"
POE community is just a bunch of nerds and soys, dont give a hoot what anyone says do ur thing GGG

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