No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

fobosollo wrote:
Why im hardly surprised, since player feedback does not matter and reddit/forum yapping didnt really do or achieve anything in the past, they thought, why would we give any info since its going to just make players unhappy and impact revenue.
Over the years, manifestos were spitted upon not because of numbers but bad information delivery/hidden nerfs or vital (loot nerf) info missing.
But oh well, for sure white knights are happy and more awesome mtx will be delivered.

Not fully agree with you.

The fail of 3.19 and drop of online and screaming of steam & reddit - made an effect.

It was fascinating to see, how people during 3.20 launch in twitch was spamming - do not buy before 2 days after launch :)

And it was effective. For me it is already a rule - im glad to support GGG, but this time i will do it only 2 days after launch to see what the game is :)
Will probably include spell suppress nerf. Not sure if items,passive tree or both.
It's very easy for dex characters (right side of the passive tree) to cap a perma 50%+ DR on spells.
Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
"A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, trying to escape from something you can't see. She hands you a rusty-looking device called the Blood Crucible and urges you to implant it into your body."

Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
Sure, GGG does not owe me anything. But I think I will wait with any purchases, just in case :)
i just hope league mechanic isnt shit. i've never been turned off to poe as quick or thoroughly as when i encountered resolve.

actually, that isnt entirely true. i ALSO hope they can find a way to emulate difficulty besides one shots through multiple layers of defense while you cant see anything for all the color puke everywhere.
No scary changes? It's just because you've already broken everything you could break.
No meta changes since years, only 0,001% of players can craft good staff, on console u can't do anything if u play alone. No craft, no farm nothing.
I run over 300 sanctums and I never saw a relic for no hit challenge. Run over 300 über eater never saw a ashes or nimis. I can't craft stuff cause there is no ref keep craft more. I can't play with my love Ling skills cause without mage blood it's not possible.
Caster and melee skills are trash now. Also u play in poe not to have fun, but to run trapper or miner, cause u can't kill ubers with another skills (I mean first 3 week of every league). But there is more funny things - how about to run syntesised maps without to have syntesised things? Über cortex dropped only 3 syntesised items, it's just lol. How about to farm feared without to have any dropped, cause u can't go over 100%item rarity and quantity. What about to have different league mechanics on map without to get rarity/quantity buff, what about to run delirium orbs where monsters gonna be more powerful, but the drop are not changing? 5 orbs for what? What about to play MF build without MF mechanics? What about to have meta rafft currency without shards or any source to get it like ex shards recipe. Poe is a pretty anointing now. I love this game and I remember times there was a lot of fun in the game.
And if u start to give a critik, ggg just remove your post. Very democratic.
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i just hope the league mechanic will be fun. disliked both sanctum and kalandra.

give us something we can do in maps and dont have to go to a separate area
We will nerf everything once again and you will eat it up - here's why
Thanks GGG, excited for the new league, looking forward to the announcement and patch notes.
Kinda scuffed - now its going to be even harder to plan around all the nerfs
Really hoping for a season theme inside of maps again, which can just be grinded brain-afk without missing out big time.

Ultimatum, Ritual, delirium where so awesome.

Never quit a League as early as with Sanctum, when i noticed that my starter can`t do it at all and i have to waste all those sanctums while grinding another build...

Was also hoping for a good meta shake-up, but oh well...

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