No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

"Don't worry though, there aren't scary systems reworks that we need to solicit feedback on ages in advance."

The disdain for player feedback has been apparent, and not only does this read as condoning it, but officially encoding into policy as well. We're supposed to be happy with "trust me bro" when we just had the fiasco with GGG neglecting playtester feedback? I get that not all feedback is constructive, but to me this reads as saying the nonconstructive feedback hurt you so badly you're going to double down by neglecting all feedback until the last minute.

Maybe I'm reading into this and it was supposed to be a more lighthearted, "we've got your back this time, don't expect it to be so bad as history would tell you", but it's just so tone-deaf to what history has actually told us to expect regarding both communication and balance from GGG. Especially when you take something as staple as the Balance Manifesto every league - one of the only bits of transparent, concise, helpful information we get for a game where necessary mechanical knowledge is either buried behind years of entwined changes or deliberate obfuscation from GGG (looking at you IIQ) - and stack the removal of it on top of the back to back player-averse changes and problematic communication errors that we've had since at least Archnemesis.

Anyway if you see this please fix Oshabi immune bug and Delirium loot disappearance bugs which have been issues since their inception, with news since posting bug reports and emailing support. GL to you and yours.
Booo the manifesto is too important period.
unless we get patch notes a week earlier this is wrong.
lol wtf no neft?really or there will be shadow neft like allways?hahaha and no core for the 3.21 patch are kinda bad cuz ppl will want to play the core lol.or they go to D4 for it.
Ugh.....that means they're about to nuke all 12 of my level 100 chars with over 100+ mirrors of gear....

If they do, I will never return. ;) (until a week later)

Truthfully, though --- this lack of transparency WILL ultimately lead more and more of their playerbase to leave for garbage games like "Last Epoch." I have already seen many people leave PoE recently to play that atrociously garbage game....Now, just wait for when D4 drops... This lack of transparency will be the death of PoE if they don't stop before D4 is out.
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So now we are not getting patch notes, Look I don't wanna be overly critical but WTF are you all thinking?
Dracooltenks wrote:
So now we are not getting patch notes, Look I don't wanna be overly critical but WTF are you all thinking?

Where did they say this? They said no "Balance Manifesto", that's not patch notes at all. Glasses, bro! They help a LOT of people with reading comprehension.
???????? you dont need feedback? what are you even writing? every game in existance needs feedback.. what is this? also do you even read feedback? because for a while now you have been acting when the shit hits the fan only and not before as you should.

I'm not fully buying this..

Shady and weird stuff.. I dont forget the 3.19 historical nerf to loot that nobody asked but you decided to throw in quietly..
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."
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so they are not fixing specters again confirmed.

man making hard for me to buy things.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.
first off, i kinda like how weirdly the balance manifesto sometimes came across.
secondly, i think it definetly had its place, for example it gave a pointer towards what will get nerfed or changed, in that way you would get a headsup further in advance if what you planned on should get hit. To me now it just seem like you need to put out the final notes further in advance to compensate.
thirdly, there was just something about this news post that felt "weirdly detached from the rest".
GGG's "balancing" its like "Oh, people seem to like this build. We need to nerf it so that no one else plays it".

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