Ruthless with Gold Is Live!

It's actually more obvious with gold coins i guess.
I played on Ruthless when it opened, like it, got to maps.

Ruthless Gold is much harder with no loot drops and gold being...miniscule. it is no fun, really, unfortunately. Item prices in gold on vendors is ridiculous, and they pay very little also for trash or magic drops.

Guess, even as a filler, for me, it is very bad.

Just my input.

The event should be buffed with gold drops otherwise it will die verry soon, most of the people are playing to level 45 just to get the box not because they enjoying the event…

Thanks anyway for the event but it can be more enjoyable.
It could have been interesting, without the ultra nerfed drop/gem/everything rate.

Got to lvl 45,got the box, quit the game, waiting for new league.

50K for a regret, from act1 to act 10 maybe, just maybe you will get to have that much dosh.

Also not being able to buy gems (exception like siosa where you get 1 skill gem for the quest and some other places), is just a pain. Going with a 1-2 link to act 4-5, praying that you get a good gem drop, or an alch or something so you could trade for a support gem.

This is not fun, nor is it difficult. A level of difficulty would require that if you are better skilled,you DO get the gems from somewhere. But this is just pure grind for grind's sake.

Again, nice concept, could have been something interesting. Instead it's just a boring event,most people like me will go to 45, get the box,quit the game.
Absolutely the worst event ever held.

There is not a single redeeming quality about the ruthless game mode, and even the gold system for this event is an irrelevant addition. The cost of items in gold from vendors are joke prices, and the gold they pay for your items is even worse. 150 gold to buy a portal scroll, but only 1 gold to buy it from you.

The items they sell are all complete garbage and even if you somehow find a good base, you can't craft it because 1) there is no crafting, and 2) there are no crafting resources.
Gambling for items is just as bad, if not worse. The items offered are never of a useful type, it's far too expensive to reroll, and when you do find a base you can use, it only ever has a single mod, of the lowest tier, for a stat you don't need.

No damage, no loot, no gear, no crafting.
It's all the worst experiences in PoE made into the main focus of the entire game for the UNBELIEVABLE reward of a single mystery box.

We deserve AT LEAST a mystery box per act, and a minimum of 3 mystery boxes for act 8 alone.
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I tried to continue after level 45 despite the boredom of ruthless but having a server disconnection at the end of the cruel lab at lvl 59 was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Not sure I will play that game again.
normal game became less fun than ever and GGG managed to create less fun than that with ruthless.
GGG forgot most of people play games for having fun, not because they are mashochist.
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Okay... I tried.
I was excited to try the game with gold as currency but whole gold thing was overshadowed by frustration with what the Ruthless game mode is. I have never had so dissatisfying experience with this game and I regret I spent half of my Saturday on this.

So I get no support gems from vendors? Great - this is obviously going to be greater slog by several orders of magnitude than any previous experience but fine, I continue.

Then there are no movement skills whatsoever. You know, movement skills are satisfying to use because it is enjoyable to move quickly, it also saves your time when you try to get around. But no, lets get rid of them, who's effing "bright" idea was that...

By the time I got to Brutus I started to feel the lack of support gems, my character does so little damage that the fight takes an ungodly amount of time, but I bring that thing down. At least I have Clarity now, thankfully they didn't remove that yet. But other than that Brutus had not dropped anything of use and I still have not been able to buy anything from the vendors with the little amount of gold that drops. But not that they sell anything interesting anyway...

Then I have gotten to Merveil fight, I still have garbage gear, same problem as above, bought some bigger flasks, that is all. This fight is probably going to be tedious as heck, I look at my inventory, 13 portal scrolls for refilling flasks, hopefully enough. I get about quarter if boss' health down my flasks are empty, time to refill - oh surprise! - flasks don't get filled in town! Yay for more tedium, I will have to go to another area to refill them and then get back to boss room. I think to myself why am I playing this...

So I have finally brought the boss down after few iterations, I look at the act 2 - yea I can probably do it but... no, I can't be arsed to go through this again, you can keep your mystery box, I will play something else.

leguage is void ?
NoNameNeko wrote:
leguage is void ?

yes. all the 3 links and 4 links ppl find will be lost!
Ruthless with Gold
like a game in slow mode ...

+++ I really like the idea of not having "all gems for a perfect build" +++
I really want this in the normal game! I am bored of poeple just whining about their perfect built and "everything is too easy".
Please make in the maingame less gems buyable!

+ I accept the item lack of anything, why not? You can really be happe to find sth you can use. But soon, market will offer good items for low prices - so you just handicap the early player.

+ Realize some boss abilities I never seen before

I really like gold in the game, but in this mode it is just a joke.
With normal play it is impossible to buy at least ONE item (f.e. amor) from the vendor. Still act 5 enemies dropp 1-9 gold (average lets say 5) which means you just need 1000 enemies to buy an item for 5000 gold. Price increase and of course all vendor items ar shit. And this prices are just toxic high. You collect gold for nothing :(

-> - gold dropp to low - you can not afford buy something

- I think the most time i am just spending walking (not running) around, which is boring.

- some maps force you to make long ways (with slow speed, of course), because you can not blink on the other side of the river ... at least give a blink spell every maybe 1 minute ...

I really don't like the idea just to take time ... this is not a good game experience.

While you play in this slow mode, you can do sth. else - which means the game is not satisfying.
You really need more movementspeed ... or something you can use for that. Flaskspeed for 2 seconds is a joke.

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