Ruthless with Gold Is Live!

Its an awful mess, ive just got a toon to Act 2, lvl 17 and I have 307 gold.

I cant even buy a pair of movement boots, they are 339 gold.

I did The Ledge as a test, I killed 102 mobs and got 19 gold :(

Sorry its just a waste of time.
Act 8 and still sub 2k hp not even capped resists, surprised i only died once
DickyBall wrote:
Xbox ruthless completely broken crashes on gold drop

small indie studio from new zealand please be patient
First off, usually i am an absolute PoE-Fangirl!
But this event is kinda meh for me.
I played with a friend up to after Brutus and then we decided to stop, because it just wasn´t a fun experience.

My ideas...
- 10-50x more gold for everything or reduce prices overall (i saw 50k for a regret orb, when players get 3k gold in act 3.. )
- gem gambling at vendors (split in different tiers so better gems can be far more expensive than some basic ones, but keep the randomness and a fairly high price for it)
- enable movement skills! (I know it´s ruthless, but no dash -> no fun)
- make EVERY currency item sold by vendors and at a reasonable price (yes, even divines, mirrors and all the good stuff) - it is a voided event, let people do crazy stuff if they farm the gold for it! :D

Those changes would make the event waay more fun IMO and fun should be the focus.
KiaKahaNZ wrote:
Sorry its just a waste of time.

If you don't want to waste time, then stay away from games completely...
I finally gave Ruthless a try. But I quit after reaching maps. I think I could enjoy it with a few changes:
- Add movement skills
- Add Uber Lab points
- Add SSF

But without these changes, its just horrible...
NTY, i'mma give me RSI a break to be ready for next weekends pre launch beta.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
Thank you for the two months of delays and with not making my melee build even tolerable in the Scramtum league.

Thank you for the month long events for streamers, I have to much self respect to play ruthless.

The wheel has been broken and i'm free to play games that value my time, i just bought D4 and i am looking forward to next weekend, see you all at launch in June.
If you can't handle the truth, just delete the forum post - Precious Flower
MagosX wrote:
KiaKahaNZ wrote:
Sorry its just a waste of time.

If you don't want to waste time, then stay away from games completely...

So out of all my post, thats the line you pulled out and put a dumb reply on, im happy with that.

Try harder next time little one :)
Nice try on trying to bait people into ruthless with global currency .
What's the point of adding a global currency if their worth is close to nothing especially during the early stage where people find ruthless most challenging?
Again, making unnecessarily uncomfortable gameplay experience as usual.
Keep it up, hope your twisted definition of fun game works out one day

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