Ruthless with Gold Is Live!

Fun game mode, MTX prizes are cool and gold seems decent later on at least and gives a steady form of slow progression.

Ignore people's complaints about ruthless. It's nice having the choice to play ruthless or regular league. Gives both the zoomers and people wanting things slowed down what they want.
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w4rkr4f7 wrote:
Hello ,how I suppose to play ruthless when so low map drops ? I'm level 80 and I don't saw yet a yellow map and even white maps are so low drops ,I have no currency to buy maps from Kirac or from trade site .

%rarity seems to help quite a lot, I'm getting plenty of maps at around 70%.
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This league was really cool and expirience is fantastic!
Cant wait for the results of the draw :)

Thanks GGG!
Thank you for this event. This got me motivated to try the Ruthless and oboy, was it a challenge.

But in a good way. Now I got to see all the boss mechanics of the bosses in the campaign.
And I got this feeling of great accomplishment after every boss fight.

Will continue on playing in Ruthless mode.
When would we find out who wins the level microtransacts for RwG?
Any idea when we'll learn who won the prizes? Is it going to be before Crucible league starts or after?
Have you already delivered the MTX?
curious about the mtx draws as well. any info if this already happened?
very nice league and rewards
(... that are yet to be announced?)
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When is the "ruthless with gold prize pool" draw?

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