Ruthless with Gold Is Live!

With all the posts confirming what I think about this 'league', I was about to skip on adding just more of the same, but hell, why not? Ruthless mechanics would be fine by me, challenge is a good thing, having to carefully plan your way and not be able to use most of the gems from get-go is a nice twist.
But the gold thingy is total crap, not trying to farm and selling most of the items I managed to get around 500-600 gold till act 3-4. Magic rarity ring costs at vendors 1200+ ... Effing really? I'm supposed to play, say, 8 acts to be able to buy something moderately useful?

Years ago when I started to play PoE, currency-shards-for-items system as opposed to usual gold was kind of novelty and not that easy to get use to, but now I wouldn't swap it for using gold. If anything, if they would decide to switch to it entirely, that would be a good enough reason for me to give up PoE for good.
Vendor item/gold progression is horrible. You find something usable from the Vendor and it cost more than 1000x the gold you find in 10 acts. Another problem is you can't even grind for gold to buy the item from the Vendor. Once you level up, the Vendor will provide a whole new set of items. Meaning the one good item that has a chance out of million to show is lost.

The Vendor should be similar to Ritual, where items can be saved and not be lost. But in this case - as you level up and doesn't cost anything to save it.

POE wants you to be excited about drops, but there is too much trash. Items need to be drop identified. You don't even get enough Scrolls in Ruthless to pick up magic items. So are you going to be excited about drops or ignore it because it'll just be in you stash until you can identify it? Players don't get excited over items, they only hope for currency drops so they can go buy an item in trade.

POE wants you to care about the Acts. Why care about the Acts when you can't afford anything good from the Vendor until Maps. Is there a reason to check the Vendor each time you level up? No, because you wouldn't be able to afford it. You can't even come back for it because it'll be gone as you play and level.

So again, lets get to Maps as fast as possible. You don't waste time picking up trash, you don't waste time checking Vendors for things you can't afford.

POE trade and currency is ruining the core game. Fix trade, make it easier because that's the player's item drop pool.

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It's funny how gold was supposed to make ruthless easier but turned out to have the opposite effect.

I made it to level 50 with a templar using holy flame totem all the way and it went quite well. Surprisingly, I only died once at 49. I dropped 2 support gems and an aura, so I guess I was rather lucky.

The lack of dash skills was interesting and made some boss fights quite a bit harder. I don't mind the slow pace either, it's a refreshing experience. The lack of auras is fine too but I would go farther and remove them completely instead just making them very rare.

Gold, however, was completely useless. There was nothing I could do with it. I was left with no loot and no crafting so all I had was white stuff with a couple rares with really bad mods.

I think the main problem is the lack of crafting. Item scarcity wouldn't so bad if we had the ability of making strategic use of whatever little loot we got. The first thing I would do to improve ruthless would be to bring back the crafting bench and add new options for all currencies.As it stands, you have no control on your gear and are 100% dependent on luck. You just cross fingers and pray that a decent item drops ready-made. That's just dumb.
MagosX wrote:
KiaKahaNZ wrote:
Sorry its just a waste of time.

If you don't want to waste time, then stay away from games completely...

Sure, having fun with games is a waste of time...

What nonsenses.
Pog, I'll probably stop at 50 XD
I am only in Act 4 and that is as far as I think I will go, but I found gold to be useless up to that point. I never found anything worth buying. It was interesting that my town visits were so fast because I didn't need to put hardly anything in my stash.
If this is supposed to be a simulation of what a Diablo-style economy in PoE would be like (only referring to the gold, of course), it does a poor job. I was never this gold-poor in Diablo or D2. As many others have pointed out, gold is useless as presented. In fact, it simply makes the challenge of Ruthless play more difficult, to the point of near-tedium. I had hoped that this would be more like the old Diablo, but whatever I expected failed to manifest.

Now, if the idea was to make us all grateful for PoE's orb-based economy... =^[.]^=
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Yay first time use gold at 72 in my HO - buying some maps for 10k each, lol
Ok i tried Ruthless with gold. Is the worst experiece i ever had in this game.
I feel like to litteraly waste my time to get nothing back, pretty nice work if you just wanted to push you user to other games, is the perfect event/league to do so.

Do you call this funny GGG ?


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