Ruthless with Gold Is Live!

Gold doesn't make Ruthless better.
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.

No words needed, just an image of a hero of the community.
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Well, gave it a try for two Acts ("never knock it till yout try it" and all that), and that must have been one of the most boring experiences I've ever had with PoE or any ARPG.

To be honest, to me this feels like someone confused "tedious" with "challenging".
Thank you for introducing these events, it has given me a much needed opportunity to catch up on games I own but have yet to play.

Currently blasting through Shadow of the Tomb Raider and having loads of fun.
very low amount of gold!!
lvl 45 and I stop because IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL !!

Ruthless removed all the fun the devs didn't yet remove from the game.

none of the announced events is fun.
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Its trash, TRASH! One cannot buy the things from the Vendor like it is in Ruthless, did that get mentioned, i could not find a single word, that they changed the thing you can buy from the vendors in Ruthless.
Science of Life
Won‘t play it due to

1. still fighting lags/high fun to play

2. based on comments so far it sucks anyway
Played to act5 (to 45).

Zero transmutes.

By nature of how the difficulty scales, not really hard yet.

Just slow and boring.
Maybe could be fun if the gold drop rate was about 100x what it actually is and what you could buy was a bit more varied.

This was my chance to try out ruthless, since you bribed us with a box. I do like a few things about it, such as that even regular area bosses could show off their mechanics. Though it also showed that bosses with significant adds in particular are mechanically annoying to say the least.

Additionally, I do like that you can't just buy all the gems you want immediately and have to sort of see what the game will give you at first, though I would like the drop rate to be good enough that I could at least link some trash supports in the meantime. You know, aim for a drop rate around 3 supports per act or so.
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Enjoyable slower more deliberate gameplay, excitement at finding low currency to roll/reroll your gear, satisfaction whilst progressing, a worthwhile struggle to survive and advance yourself, sense of achievement...

Ruthless with Gold:
Simply tedious, unbelievably unrewarding, struggle to enjoy, lack of thought from GGG, mind numbingly curtailed, just pointless, nothing achieved...

And add to that, characters wiped after all your sacrifices :(

Think I'll wait for 3.21

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