3.20 End-of-League Events FAQ

idk. when you want to experiment some ideas, it's not that bad to be bold. the concept of coin and krangled passives is good, however the idea to implement them in ruthless and small gsf is pretty meh. Just test them in a short softcore league, let ppl have more fun. Is it that hard?
New stuff! Hooleee!
Make people suffer is fun for you GGG? You know all things come back around. If you make an easy mod with auction - it will be fun and a lot of people will play it.
Meh, Boring stuff for the last boring month, give us next season tbh.
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When I read the comments I can't believe how ridiculous has the community become. Do you realize that if they announced mayhem, delirium, endless delve or something, you would be crying either way because "it's nothing new?". You need to stop being crybabies about everything. It's just a game. And if it's something more for you, seek help and take a break. They didn't have to do any events at all and it would be perfectly okay. They took extra month for development of the next league which is exactly what we wanted them to do and now you complain about it lol.

Personally I can't wait for trying the game with gold and the polarity SSF with my bf.
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Very disapointing events.
Nobody cares about Ruthless for good reason. Why not just doing a 3 week Mayhem with no dmg mods so that everyone can have fun?
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Too bad all my friends stopped playing PoE. Got no one to party with.
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Will Ascendancy nodes be reshuffled between classes only or all Ascendancies?
They will be randomised across all Ascendancies, so for example a Necromancer could get Champion nodes.

Oh wow. That's so cool. This reminds me of Danites Hell version of DotA on Warcraft 3. Too bad it is static and not completely randomized each character. Still very cool. Looking forward to that.

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