3.20 End-of-League Events FAQ

Small question, can you attempt a run as many times as you'd like or do you only have 1 attempt?
In the case of multiple attempts, would it be possible for the same team to potentially get all the top 10 spots?
Can I heist in these events ?
Can we get more respecs for the random passive tree event or is friction still more important than our fun there?
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I get that you're going for niche events but this is too far, i don't think you realize how few people are going to play these.
The playerbase will be unbelievably minimal to the point where not getting any events would be better than this, all this is doing is making the vast majority of the community upset and disappointed.
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hey those events are cool, much better than usual "endless heist" or "delirium everywhere" we've seen several times over already.

Big negative feedback towards group events is coming because Path of Exile isn't a game that is being played in groups. Even if players do team up, you will have just one player that actually plays and the rest that leeches XP and provides item quantity.

This is because character power in this game is so high. It's orders of magnitude higher than in Diablo II on which this game is clearly based and inspired by. Even moderate budget (50-100 divs) characters blast through T16 juiced content like it's nothing and NEVER need to team up.

D2 incentivized players to group up because character power was much less, and by much i mean FUCKING RIDICULOUS MUCH, like 99% less. And you got a huge XP ratio buff for teaming up. Doing baalruns in 8-player team meant doing 4-5 times less of them to reach the desired level than spamming them solo. And when you were teamed up with players of similar level (no carry) then all players played their characters, casted spells, killed monsters, contributed.

POE has nothing like this. My character has ridiculous clearspeed and the whole map is being cleared out of monsters in less than a minute (not counting league mechanics such as harvest or expedition).

I don't think it's possible to nerf us by so much without gigantic community backlash. POE has become this breakneck pace action RPG, the fastest on the market by far. If POE is too fast for you then play Last Epoch, D4, Grim Dawn... plenty of slower paced games out there. I like POE in current breakneck speed form, that's the game identity that makes it stand out.
In what universe does a ruthless event need to be voided? Do they seriously think people will accumulate game-breaking amounts of loot?? This makes no sense.
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
No one cares.
Why are there no Endless-style events this time?

Because we are still mad at the playerbase about the fact they didn't like archnemsis. [Removed by Support] Why won't you just play and like what we give you!!!! and because of that. we will not be giving you Endless Harvest, Endless ultimatum, Endless Sentinel, Endless Cortex, Endless fun EVER AGAIN!!! I hope you all know what you did wrong!
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