3.20 End-of-League Events FAQ

when do the events start?
Will your minions attack you? Will your totems attack you?

Can you hurt yourself with your own aoe? Will your projectiles chain back onto yourself and hurt you?

If the answer to any of these is no, I call that a wasted opportunity.
Imagine wanting to play special events solo. No wait, there will be none of that..... we're doing group events. Glad testing these "niche" things now so they see how little people will play.
crushburn wrote:
Sadge since I have no friends who play PoE I cannot play the events :(

Play with me and my friend then
Thanks for reminding me I have no friends to play this game with.
No, really. That's nice.
so solo players get nothing? nice.
Vote for goldevent in Hc ruthless... Please
DeLJaDe wrote:
when do the events start?

Start date: 1pm March 8th PST
End date: 3pm April 4th PDT
Joernzen wrote:
Sad. I really dislike the events this time. I can't fathom why there isn't an Event thats more suitable for your main player base.

Ruthless is only around for 1 league and you already force it on us. Shame.

Completely agree, I keep asking myself why GGG likes to kill fun so bad ?
Where's the problem to let the players have fun and drop and enjoing the grind to have something back ? Is that a sin GGG ?
... Unbelivably Sad.
screaminjay wrote:
Ruthless is a long slow grind where you may spend a year to level to 100 if you find a way to never die.

So yes, of course making one month ruthless event voided isn't anything that will drive people to play there. Since the build they start will be deleted anyway.

I was initially hoping the ruthless event may help grow the ruthless playerbase, but voided event won't do that.

I believe if an event will be voided, keep it something short. Investing a full month into a build is nothing nobody want to do for nothing.

Totally agree...

I play 2 or 3 times a week, maybe 3-4 hours each time.

I LOVE!!! Ruthless mode, but if it going to be voided every time, absolutely no way will I be playing it. What a bloody waste of time.

PoE like many others is about building your character, progressing with your items, your levels, your skills, and for that to be throw in the bin each league, I cant understand GGGs thinking here.

A huge waste of a fabulous idea we've waited so long for :(

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