3.20 End-of-League Events FAQ

PastaboyX192 wrote:
Meh, Boring stuff for the last boring month, give us next season tbh.

They won't because if they gave the league earlier you would probablt stay stuck in the first act lagging out, but i bet that even though the league is pushed into a month later, there still will be a shitton of problems as always
Ruthless is a long slow grind where you may spend a year to level to 100 if you find a way to never die.

So yes, of course making one month ruthless event voided isn't anything that will drive people to play there. Since the build they start will be deleted anyway.

I was initially hoping the ruthless event may help grow the ruthless playerbase, but voided event won't do that.

I believe if an event will be voided, keep it something short. Investing a full month into a build is nothing nobody want to do for nothing.
Anngrat wrote:
Remember what happened with battle royale? Ruthless gonna have the same fate XD

Doubt it, there is no data backing that claim.
PLEASE make gold system Permanent <3 LOVE THIS IDEA! Or even make it a league to test it.
" We wanted to try some new things. Historically our events have been focused on having the most broad appeal while also being achievable alongside our development schedule. Getting to experiment with new options means trying a few things that aren't necessarily for everyone but will give us good information for designing events in the future. At the very least, we're hoping that these events will be fun to watch even if some players feel it's not conducive to their personal playstyle. "

It's literally custom made for streamers. Why not say that outright instead? No one else is gonna bother with weird multiplayer modes so close to the next league.
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Thanks for events for solo non-ruthless players.

They are the best this time.
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Sadge since I have no friends who play PoE I cannot play the events :(
Doubling down for an event nobody wants eh? Ruthless mvL
So how do i play?
Lol more gambling on ruthless gold with ruthless coin

Path of casino simulator
Your strength is the law !!

MadG poe on youtube for mellee content

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