3.20 End-of-League Events

lmao this is the best they could come up with? regular ruthless was boring, this would be worse

It's different but where is the fun in any of these? Aren't majority players playing solo?

No Endless event?
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forced to play ruthless and in group why?
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Gold-based Ruthless sounds sick
Where are the actual fun events?
Very weird ideas in my opinion. I'm a SC-Trade enjoyer for leaguestarts and i swap back to ssf after burnout from league. I cant really fathom why its a big announcement for events and its only for a small group of players. Ruthless and SSF doesnt make the big portion of players i guess? Also not even HC events? sadge. Hype for events went from 7/10 back to 1/10 going to skip that month entirely.

So you guys gave up making something fun when you heard of D4 release?
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I love PoE because i can play solo literally anytime if i have free time. After reading these events, that delirium everywhere wasn't that bad i guess.

RNG Passives. That was the last one on my PoE Bingo card!
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