3.20 End-of-League Events

Very interesting restrictions, time to practice party leveling!
Sounds fun
I'll try the ruthless one but the rest all being group play kind of hurts.
Suprising :) looking forward to this!

Edit: On a second read I realized if you play solo, you're stuck with Ruthless.
Unlucky if you don't play in groups and don't want to experience friction I guess.
Won't be playing anything xD
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
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No infinite sanctum :(
Sounds cool, but not solo-friendly events :(
Hopefully, groups will enjoy themselves until the end of the league.
not sure why almost all of them have to be events for groups... as a solo player im very disappointed
Rip. Was hoping for some fun events. Just boring SSF stuff. I love events where I can't kill monsters.

I want events where I can have fun and blast crazy maps and experience something more. This doesn't feel like more.
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Loving these creative ideas and experimenting with different game modes / challenges. Appreciate y'all keeping things fresh and I'll be checking some of these out :)

Guess all we SSF players will have to make some Poe-Friends :-)
Really cool events but I fail to see why I need to get shit on because I play solo.
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