3.20 End-of-League Events

Prizes for only top 10 teams? Why can't they just give out boxes for completing the goal? Absolutely no incentive to play if the prizes are all won by racing groups in far less than a day. I would've loved to try out krangled, but as always GGG is sooo afraid of giving out mtx rewards.
This sounds like a lot of fun, I can't wait to try it!
All are boring and not fun. I was hoping for fun events. You used to have those. You pretty much screwed solo players.

How about creating an event for standard players? Just a chance to have fun killing monsters. Provide a chance for players to revive old characters and update them to the new tree and push them along.

Double monster count.
Untainted Paradise like maps with no loot but lots of exp.
Special mods on some maps.

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man this is very sad
Group play sucks, just give us some recycled events if you can't be stuffed making new stuff for solo players who are you know, 90% of the playerbase??

super lacklustre ggg
nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Phenixer wrote:
I think there should be a prize for simply completing the Group SSF challenges. Only 10 groups winning something means only the big teams of speed runners will win something.

I must say I am surprised about those events, it's cool but at the same time, like everybody said, it's only for a subset of players.

Big agree. Fine concepts but me and the friends are gonna be playing LE as opposed to tooling around in voided temp leagues.

It's a shame b/c I've been calling for this stuff since they did away with race seasons but...well...now there's other stuff in the genre worth experiencing.

Looking forward to next league!
0% chance that you will get me to touch anything "ruthless" like in this game


Good luck and keep extending "popular" leagues.
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Krangled Passives event on Console... any rewards? Group hideout rewards were mentioned but console is solo, are rewards separate?

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