3.20.1 Patch Notes

What about Sandstorm Visage + Heralds not working, is that intended or a bug?
Buff mages!
ciklq123 wrote:
i've experienced a bug where the mad device would eat scarabs and not spawn the said league mechanic. i tried this few times with abyss scarab and it doesnt spawn any abysses. and No,i dont have that atlass notable which blocks abyss. pls someone else confirm this,i cant be the only one having it

There are 3 different nodes in the atlas tree that stop scarabs from working. One turns them into pack size, one stops them from doing anything and one makes them random. Did you take either of those 3?
Darian wrote:
What about Sandstorm Visage + Heralds not working, is that intended or a bug?

Spell Crit doesn't work with Heralds, you need generic/global crit.

Not a bug.
melee STILL sucks. going back to standard again....
=) when will it be released???
Can you please fix the bug with last leagues read-only map stash that can't be removed?
(says it has maps, but doesn't)
Party members can now store a Sanctum room for later when the map owner runs their Sanctum room for the area.

nice nerf I suppose - we all can open faster rooms together but alone u will get less Divine orbs inside Sanctum (lowered chance)

Who noticed reduced chance? Before patch I saw up to 7 divines, now 0-1-2 (81-83lvl)
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Great patch. Before it, the random DC finally stopped after some mini patches; now, after 3.20.1, they are back again. Good job GGG.

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