Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Iznuts wrote:
LOL at the disfavor/starforge buffs. they straight up killed these drops and now they're trying to bring them back.

really good for those streamers who can do high end chain of commands builds i guess.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.
The "50% increased Life Recovery from Flasks when used on Low Life" Life Mastery has been replaced with "Nearby Enemies have 50% reduced Life Regeneration Rate."
Best thing I saw in the notes. A second useful life mastery.
Removal of forbidden words and the occultist being turned into a basic bish over a specialist stings.

Losing a lot of curse effectiveness all round, while they now work on bosses I am very unsure if it's going to be a pleasant playstyle.

Was really hoping to go full curse aura and... actually I better not say in case it gets "buffed".
Father_Taco77 wrote:
Lightning conduit definitely needed a nerf, what other 10 skills? What other build was doing 100 mil dps @ 10 div investment? No other build thats the answer.... Most builds require 200-300 to break 50/60mil dps. The reality is that skill for sure needed a damage nerf and it will still be viable.

On the other hand I do think the destruction of LS was a bit much, they could have lowered it by a single projectile, or 15% damage or something.

I think Conduit need a bit more invest, but you got reason, this numbers are insane, im more focused in LS way, has been nerfed just because is most poppular not cause are really OP. I also think all direct nerfs to the projectiles, etc, are very accurate and necessary.

If Withering step dont not reset your elusive with out using Nightblade suport it make "useless" wither step for builds like TR or Caustic arrow. I hope im wrong and GGG have thought about that.
Last edited by arbitre on Dec 2, 2022, 12:29:42 AM
No more essence - my favorite farming strategy :(

Chance to Avoid being Ignited, Chilled, Frozen, Shocked, Poisoned, Bleeding and Stunned Jewel Corruption modifiers can no longer roll. These have been replaced with the following Jewel Corruption modifiers:
20-25% reduced Ignite Duration on you.
20-25% reduced Effect of Chill on you.
20-25% reduced Effect of Shock on you.
20-25% reduced Poison Duration on you.
20-25% reduced Bleed Duration on you.
20-25% reduced Effect of Curses on you.

WTF????????????????So it's not a reduction, right?????????

"Added Eternal Labyrinth Helmet Enchantments for Spark and Ethereal Knives that cause projectiles to fire in a circle. The Spark projectile speed Helmet Enchantments and the Ethereal Knives Pierce Helmet Enchantment have been removed."

with this alone its safe to say you have NO IDEA what to do with the skills and how to balance them.
you know why most of skills are trash? cause their design sucks, it requires you to modify them on a thousand different ways just to make it "work" properly.
so if you waste that much just on funcionalities, it will lack damage.

and what the developers does? removes funtionalities LOL

there is a reason META skills are META, cause they DONT REQUIRE anything to WORK, they already FUNCTION properly.

im pretty sure any half-decent build creator from the comunity would balance those skills in a better way.
not interesting to play endgame because no reforge keep suff/pref
So still no loot ?

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