Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

You guys forgot to add the melee/phys build buffs. I am sure you guys meant to make melee skills competitive again RIGHT? Here is hoping and praying.
Seriously, I cannot wait to restart for this one! I did enjoy LoK but not for LoK itself. Hopes it well feel my expectations
What is going to happen to existing Doomsday Impossible escape jewels now that the keystone is being replaced with Hex Master? Also, is the position of the new keystone the same as Doomsday is today?
xxp0loxx wrote:
Still no viable way to acquire divines where so many for exalts existed. (again, why was this change even necessary. It legit kill your game's economy)

End-game minion builds/support minions still in the dumpster

No gem, ascendency or meta shake up

Mostly just nerfs...

WTF GGG? we just want to enjoy the game yo. Let us!

Well Occultist eighter got nerfed or buffed depending on who u ask so there's ur "meta shake up" :) dunno how many played it but must been many if they do it just bc they reworked curses.
- Add -mana cost to rare jewel affixes.
- Keep build defining unique jewels like EK ring of blades. Replacing them with lab enchants is a terrible idea.
- New vaal gems are great but there are still a ton of skills that need balancing.
- 0 crafting additions or updates in this league??
why would you remove "Strike Skills target additional Enemies can do so from 30% further away"?
sadge... now the uber bosses are infinitely harder to kill..
couldn't you remove the "50% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Stance Skills"?
oh my gosh... i really do not have any idea why you would do that...
arbitre wrote:
NasusPodInta wrote:
Father_Taco77 wrote:
I really just want to know...what drugs are ya'll on to think this is good??? I've seen better balance in MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh than this crap. This may mark my 6th league, and well, I find this abhorrent and insulting to a majority of your player base, that obviously "The Vision" does not give two F***s about. Gonna save my money for D4. So disappointing that such a long running game title is being ran this way.

WAAAAAAA. GGG nerfed my broken lightning conduit.
Dude. GGG is not high, you are. This skill gave you like 5mill dmg on few div budget. Meanwhile for example arc not even 30% of its damage lmao

Under this premise...why totems still alive? Sismictrap? Skeleton Mages? many minions builds? it do SIRIUS with 150-200 chaos budget...and still alive.

Sry but you reasoning is WRONG. : /

GGG is nerfing MOST PLAYED BUILD the last 5 season not the most REALLY OP, your ayes pls!

And the worst part, the Withering stemp change make it USELESS for all builds using it for the ORIGINAL purpose for which they were simply stupid bro, TR, Caustic arrow, and long ETC now are DEATH, think about this. Is a nonsense change a big mistake i hope GGG reacts and make it back to previously until think a nice way to nerf what GGG wants nerf (Lightning Strike and conduit all know this) without "colateral damages".

Fix 1 Skill that don't really need by fixed...wile broken another 10 skills...this is not "Worth" not for my.

Lightning conduit definitely needed a nerf, what other 10 skills? What other build was doing 100 mil dps @ 10 div investment? No other build thats the answer.... Most builds require 200-300 to break 50/60mil dps. The reality is that skill for sure needed a damage nerf and it will still be viable.

On the other hand I do think the destruction of LS was a bit much, they could have lowered it by a single projectile, or 15% damage or something.
There are a lot of unique jewels not mentioned in the patch notes. Is it safe to say those jewels remain untouched?
LOL at the disfavor/starforge buffs. they straight up killed these drops and now they're trying to bring them back.

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