Build of the Week Season 10 - Episode 2 - Mathil's Rolling Magma Deadeye

seems a bit basic for a build of the week
hardcore casual.

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jrv209 wrote:
I'm not a fan of you guys using the showcase to highlight one of (if not) the most popular build makers in your game who has shown undying support for your company. It feels wrong and makes me put on a tinfoil hat when I should just be enjoying that you brought this series back. You guys scouring the forums for some random guy's cool build felt neat and organic. This feels the opposite.

Literally a lot of the builds in BotW historically were from content creators or even GGG staff, just not ones you heard of. Ghudda, Eirikeiken (c9q9md), KittenCatNoodle, Neon_GGG, Rory_GGG, Goratha, RaizQT, HegemonyTV, TheUberClips, etc.

It's really nothing out of the ordinary.
If it’s fun you know the drill. Incoming nerf guaranteed.
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jrv209 wrote:
when I should just be enjoying that you brought this series back.

Had you enjoyed the series, you'd know Mathil appeared on it three times - even during non-tinfoil hat times. Creative builds increase the chance of being featured, and he makes like a dozen per league.

how would I enjoy a series that wasn't around for years? I was just going off of the recent iteration. I started in Incursion and I think that was one of the last leagues they did this. I stand by what I said, I would prefer unknown people using the forums or smaller streamers getting the limelight over the most popular build creator in the game. This build is pretty basic, too, as others have pointed out. Anyways I don't want to be negative so I'll stop. I'm glad they brought this back in whatever fashion.
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Hell yeah [Removed by Support]!

I love screen clutter. :)
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looks fun
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Another majestic Mathil build, as always.
Rolling in the DPS.....nice pun there.
Mathil still rolling it!
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