3.19.1 Patch Notes

No loot change = no me playing change (First league I've ever quit after a week btw)
Thank you! Despite all the hate I am having tons of fun this league!
i didnt see any league mechanic buff. Really GGG ? [Removed by Support] Give us new delirium or scourge, we love kill mobs, not try to create labyrinth your lake of kalandra within 7 maps and take 2-3c from it.
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Sorry GGG But you kill the game with all the nerf you made With the Lake season and not coming back if its the same in three months..
I only regret never having played the previous leagues as much as 3.19. Some players really make some of the older leagues sound like they were super fun. I'm okay with the current league. I've never put this much time into this game but it's been a rough ride for sure.

What really gets me playing poe are the insane difficulty spikes just randomly appearing thanks to AN mobs. You can have fun just breezing through a map with bosses and mobs... then you encounter some random AN mob that just murders you across the screen. There was a player talking about this and I have to agree with them, having to pay attention all the time becomes something that I'd rather not do. In diablo 3 it works because you set the difficulty on a rift so you know what you're getting into. They did the balancing so much better.

Then we have the loot. I'm playing ssf and I'm a noob and all that. I've read guides. I've watched youtube videos and all that. Feels like I'm barely making any progress. In d3 I would already have a set goal with minimal time invested in checking guides and what not. I really like the complexity of poe but the sad thing is I actually did play a little bit of the harvest league. I know how nice that thing was, now it feels completely useless to me.

What can I say? I guess I'm just looking forward to the next league but I'm concerned with the direction of the game. Maybe I just came into poe far too late.
diablo 3's new season is more fun than 3.19 and its literally the same game its been for 8 years now
forgetimhim18 wrote:
diablo 3's new season is more fun than 3.19 and its literally the same game its been for 8 years now

Lake of Kalandra is so bad that made me comeback to play D3.
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At this point it feels like poe2 is a big nono already.
People whining about the rewards from the league mechanic should spend more time learning how to maximize it instead of whining on the forum, as it's plenty rewarding already.

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