3.19.1 Patch Notes

Testimony of a quiet casual player here for few years
Never posted anything in forum before since my first steps in POE
Already felt many frustrations among one-shot deaths before, but accepted too many risks taken, lack of gear, mobility (always found something wrong with me so far)
i just now can not understand why i am one-shot many times by essence mob while i easily defeat map bosses
Nobody told me that actual bosses were now metamorph or essence AN :)
I do not understand why my minions die all few seconds after vaal boss encounter even with pob build tanky minion followed and worked gear
I always humbly found reasons for deaths before, but now i just like i am punished from nowhere
I do not understand anymore what i should do to just perform the game
I never lived this before
Frustration turned into punition in somehow
Feel like that this game turned into elitism way in some manner
I want my evening gaming be pleasure and not angriness
POE do definitely not suit for casual players any longer
Uninstalling this game tonight for the first time
I am sad because I love this game and enjoy its mechanisms, but now it means more waste time than pleasure
Enjoy all ! :)
I was hoping more from this patch.. see you next league if there is enough changes. I played a lot this league but like 99% was cause the build was fun. League itself is the worst in ages. Sorry. Hope this gets fixed!
Minion woes:

You only buffed fringe case minion issues surrounding pinnacle fights, etc.

You didn't touch general minion survivability. Plus, the nerfs to Gem level AND dmg output basically killed skeletons viability at the true endgame. Melee phys was my fav skele build for many leagues, but moved to skele mages after they were nerfed to the ground. Now that all skeles are basically bad, I just don't play them. I actually quit this league when i cleared T16s and realized just how abysmal my output was when compared to previous leagues/progress points.

The incentive to continue building out my guy vanished when i considered my ....lack of funds, lack of crafting options, and just the simple prospect of having a completely #$@$ character (comparably) by the end.

That was the nail for me, as i like to play one Char, one build...my build. Sim30/uber farms to struggling with T16 rares......nah fam, ill pass (and I did)

Sucks because i really want to play, but i'm not going to cave to your blanket and baseless nerfs and poor execution.

Too bad you wont read this/or do anything meaningful with it

1 more player not in your game...
Worst league retention on record and you are doing nothing about it. How are your financials doing... let me tell you, they are better than they will be next few leagues.

Not a very smart team.
Unfortunately, this is not enough to return the fun to the game.

I will keep posting my suggestions here, but actually playing Grim Dawn.
Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before. He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way.
>Improved the outcome odds for the Tainted Orb of Fusing

Was it actually? It feels equally terrible as it did prepatch. I blew up a bunch yesterday, only gaining a link about 1/12 fusings, benching back to 4L. As it stands, unless you get incredibly lucky it's not worthwhile to use compared to 1500 vaal benching it given the success rate & relative low cost of vaals.
Lydine2013 wrote:

Feel like that this game turned into elitism way in some manner

I had similar feeling, last 2 seasons. Wanted to try out some builds using Crystallised Omniscience, but I simply couldn't afford it (40+ ex range) - even though I was actively playing for multiple weeks. I had pretty reasonable builds able to clear yellow and red T16 maps quickly and comfortably, but still not good enough to kill Maven. I tried few times, but it's just beyond my reflexes - like avoiding these fire balls waves on Searing Exarch, where last phase with whole screen full of those always costs me death or two. Few players I know that unlocked void stone reward for killing Maven were just carried over by some elite players, for currency.

I understand game should offer wide range of challenges, and you want to offer something for most dedicated hardcore players. But that should be in uber- or uber-uber bosses area, IMO. Current GGG philosophy feels like experience for casual and new players is just getting worse, with every expansion.

Dear GGG, please re-think your approach to difficulty tuning. Please pick some casual players into your user experience tests, or people who don't know game at all, and start working with them. PoE should be enjoyable for most of us, and approachable to the new players, too. If it will fun only to 1% of most dedicated hardcore players, then few more leagues, and your players base will be gone. As I am watching and reading initial impressions people have with 3.19, I see absolutely no reason to try this league - TL;DR: broken mapping, broken drops, broken minions. Many notable and dedicated PoE YouTubers taking break from the game. Even most hardcore players that loved PoE are doing that, GGG - you noticed that, for sake?

So my suggestion for GGG would be: please measure the fun in segments (new players, casual players, PoE veterans, PoE elite with Korean reflexes), and balance the game around that. And do it BEFORE you release new league, please.
Mafciejo wrote:
Stealth shallow delve nerf? Nice one GGG

Ye, they like to do stealthy things. Been like that for a while now. Says enough of where they're at.
Trust has been lost.
So my suggestion for GGG would be: please measure the fun in segments (new players, casual players, PoE veterans, PoE elite with Korean reflexes), and balance the game around that. And do it BEFORE you release new league, please.

Yes Please

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