✨Da fellowship ✨- 🐱‍👤Team All In🐱‍👤 Stashes Glore: ❤Noob Friendly❤: Vets Needed: Love for the Game

Looking for help. Watched 20 minutes of a video explaining crafting. Seen data bases, went over my head. I have played with this game for about 2 years off and on. Past 2 weeks realized their is a lot more to this game than hack and slash.

I hope this is a Da Bears type group. Let me know.... I need pointers and a few people to explain stuff. Can invest time, tend to be loyal above all.


We have room in Da Fellowship for you.
Awesome guild to be in :) Plenty people on discord
I want to take a moment to reflect on our incredible journey together. It fills me with immense pride to witness how far we have come and how tightly knit our community has become.

When I look back, I see countless individuals who joined us with little to no knowledge of Path of Exile (PoE), only to emerge as skilled novices or even greater players through our collective support and guidance. We truly embody the essence of a guild that welcomes all, regardless of their starting point.

At Da Fellowship, we are more than just a guild; we are a vibrant voice chat community. We understand the power of real-time interaction and camaraderie, where our conversations and laughter echo through our voice channels. While we do have text channels, please understand that our focus lies primarily on utilizing our hands to play the game. So, if you send a text, don't expect an immediate response because we're busy immersing ourselves in the exhilarating world of PoE.

However, it has come to my attention that some members have expressed feelings of neglect. Let me assure you that we cannot and will not be that kind of guild. We are about action—engaging in lively conversations, going live to help one another, and being present for our members. We value each and every one of you, and it's our commitment to ensure that no one feels left behind or overlooked.

Da Fellowship thrives on the fusion of action and communication. We are here to support you, empower you, and elevate your PoE experience to new heights. Whether you seek guidance, camaraderie, or a platform to share your victories, we have got you covered.

Our guild is a perfect fit for those who are passionate about voice chat interactions, crave dynamic conversations, and appreciate the hands-on approach to playing the game. We are the guild that walks the talk, constantly engaging in action-packed adventures while supporting one another every step of the way.

So, to all current members, thank you for being a vital part of our community and for making Da Fellowship the remarkable guild it is today. To those considering joining us, take the leap, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of growth, friendship, and shared passion.

Together, let us continue to forge lasting bonds, conquer new challenges, and revel in the joy of PoE.
Hell yea! Join us for 3.22!
And We shall follow and approve!
rookie seek a home..
tuberiolses wrote:
rookie seek a home..

you are welcomed to come
I would like to join for the upcoming league.
Hi , interested in joining. I am playing a couple hours a day , more on weekends.

Xbox gamer tag johnnymorgz

Character joanmorgan

I'm uncertain how to join ?

Currently reached the mines and attempting to delve.

30yo male Australia, mining.

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