✨Da fellowship ✨- 🐱‍👤Team All In🐱‍👤 Stashes Glore: ❤Noob Friendly❤: Vets Needed: Love for the Game

New league coming, All welcome.
Iv been looking for a home :) And reading trough your guild description , THIS sounds like the right place !! A little bit about me . Im 36 years old dude from Canada have 1 kid and another one on its way. Im a metalhead and i love gaming :) . For anyother info feel free to ask :)
Heck yea come join an awesome guild!
Discord link isn't working
Super friendly and super helpful group of people! I joined end of last league when all my friends quit and was met with open arms and laughs. Can't wait to play a full league with this group! Let's go!!!
This guild sounds fun I hope I can join for my second league!
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Hi I would like to join. I am a new player. I don't see any links though.
Upping the love.
hey im pretty new and would like to join and learn more about the game :)
Hey if its possible i want to join. İGN: chadano

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