✨Da fellowship ✨- 🐱‍👤Team All In🐱‍👤 Stashes Glore: ❤Noob Friendly❤: Vets Needed: Love for the Game

Hello, Exiles,

This is Your Friendly Exile Gangsta Djello,
I’m opening up heaven’s gateways by recruiting in our guild to Da Fellowship.

The Squad Is Looking for More active and Faithful members. Events like portals for Divines are coming up. Website soon. Guild stashes. Noob Friendly. Vets are wanted. USA and EU Voice chat only. HMU if you would like to join.

The Dafellowship is a Place of Peace and A getaway from life troubles. weather that is home, job, or plain old life. I have taken pride and being about to be that place for a lot of people over the years.

Even I, Myself have felt down and if it wasn't for this game and community I may not even be on this planet anymore. I have been in a place where I have been homeless and lost my kids, I fell so down if it wasn't for this community checking up on me in real life..I thank god for this group of people every day. So what I do in this community means a lot to me. More than anyone could ever know.


Events Good Vibes Good Times. USA MAINLY and a splash of the world Music Events where we do Divines for Portals. Name contests and other little fun events we do throughout the league to keep it fresh. https://discord.gg/eus48EryHE or add me Dontbejello#5606.

Rules Are In The Discord But Very Simple:

We are all adults so act like it. We kick the shit and have a good time but be respectful and not take things too far. This is not just the internet this is a place of peace and we prefer to keep the toxic stuff in the Reddit discord.

Requirements: None if your are new off the press we don't gaf we will shape and make you into a great player but be willing to listen.

If You Would Like To join Simply Go You Dafellowship.xyz

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Good times up in here!
Lots of guild party action for any levels

\_(ತ ᗢ ತ)_/ \_(͠°ε͠°)_/
Solid guild, with great community. A great time for those looking for a VC guild that always has more than just 2-3 players in it. Group play encouraged but solo play friendly.
I am still a newbie to POE. Although I have been with these guys a while. Great group of a mixed group of folks from all around the world. Reminds me of the comraderie of the military I had been accustomed to for the 22 years of my career.

Much love to this guild!
Lots of veterans in this guild, if your new theyre for sure qualified to help you. 10/10 recommend
Noob friendly and folks Willing to help. This has been a great place for me to learn this game over the last 5-6 leagues
Beer has been a rider
jello if you tell me to sock my own bolls or you will end this guild, I will sock my own bolls any day as a matter of fact.. I'm doing it right now
DiabloMonkey wrote:
jello if you tell me to sock my own bolls or you will end this guild, I will sock my own bolls any day as a matter of fact.. I'm doing it right now

all in for da fellowship


joining this guild changed the way i see the game. great people too

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