✨Da fellowship ✨- 🐱‍👤Team All In🐱‍👤 Stashes Glore: ❤Noob Friendly❤: Vets Needed: Love for the Game

able to join? ign:ballistassss
IGN: ChairmanLight

If you are still recruting, I'll like to join. Kinda new but still know his way around the game
How can I join?
hi i'd like to give this guild a go

IGN: jeb8d
Join for nudes
I approve this message, good guild :).
My time there was great. Will still support from afar. Recommend for people who enjoy the conversation and support.
I fully support this message. Da Fellowship as a guild has been the haven my family and I were looking for in Path of Exile. Finding a guild with POE experts we can ask any questions, and with enough regular members that someone is on nearly any time of day has made all the difference! Myself, my sister and husband have been playing intermittently for a number of years, but each League we would join, then loose interest once we hit the limits of our builds, or when our friends from other games lost interest. This league, we ENJOYED playing until the end of the League!

If you want to know more, just join the Discord for a bit and see for yourself!
Best guild ever!

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