✨Da fellowship ✨- 🐱‍👤Team All In🐱‍👤 Stashes Glore: ❤Noob Friendly❤: Vets Needed: Love for the Game

Just come to the discord if you wanna join
i've really enjoyed my time in this guild so far i have also learned a ton about the game from more experienced players in the guild!
first league in a guild, and what a great one it was. found lots of help with the higher end things I needed done, and able to provide lots of help in return to others.

From community crafting projects, to rotas and power leveling, this new home definitely helped me stay focused during the league and grind it out.

not to mention, watching some degenerate gamblers in action ;)

Great guild, helpful and noob friendly.
Awesome Peops!
Hey there! Sounds like a chill guild. :D
Netherlands :)
Last edited by Etherianna on Jul 23, 2024, 7:27:52 AM
Etherianna wrote:
Hey there! Sounds like a chill guild. :D

You are more than welcome. we are a voice chat guild though. a lot of people miss that

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