3.19.0f Patch Notes

CAn you fix the crashes when you build blight towers in maps plz.
Some mobs are still too strong, with too much life.
We need more tools from the game for new players, it's almost impossible for new player to come in and understand what they're really playing.
Reduce the need for players to use 3rd party tools, PoE Trade is your own database why don't you integrate it into the game.
Roguelike games like Dead Cells, Wizard of Legend or Risk of Rain are examples of games with great ideas that could come to PoE, try it.

Overall gameplay just fells bad. Buff damage multipliers of gems and increase life in Life Masteries, it's easier now because of them (masteries), just utilize the changes that you made.

But really, stop with this idea that if you buff something it must have a drawback.
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Sounds great, will try it tomorrow after a week break.

Please add the harvest crafts back!

- prefix/suffix
- more common rolls
- at least the jewel implicits
Lake still needs buffs, one of the worst most unrewarding league mechanics i've played.
Is it already patched, cuz there is a yellow mob from runic I can't even make his HP going down even one bit.
I have little time to play. Therefore, my time is precious and I look for a build at the start of the league and follow it.

This time it's Ghazzy's Absolution Build. (TY, I like it. Too much key bindings - Trigger on wand could help here.) While I like the league mechanics, I can't say I'm enjoying it. My frustration tolerance is normally high.

Solaris on L6 Kalandra map one-hitting me 2 screens away. My wife survived luckily and died some seconds later. We have successfully played Kalandra maps around L9/ 10. Also T10 Maps are no problem.

Toxic in Mines... I dodged all toxic bubbles yesterday (it looked like there where 20+ of them) while pets killing everything till the Azurite boss came then I lost because of this ENDLESS toxic waste on very limited room. Four running life flasks != help.

T11 Map with Boss + 3 Rogue exiles in one place. I jumped a lot around, reviving Zombies ... jumping back ... hoping my wife is pushing more dmg out... again reviving pets. All Rogues died then portals where used up. A lot of wasted experience without getting the kill.

Oh yeah we had so much fun these days...
Last edited by Leantara on Aug 29, 2022, 2:30:53 PM
Didnt do a single thing to AN monsters at all.
Another crappy try to give us hope to stick around.

The only thing you gave us is more crashes and more stuttering well patched guys well patched.
I'd rather give the AN mobs more HP again but dial back the oneshottery.
Or else we are exactly where we where before the whole AN fiasco: People one tap kill rares from 3 screens away so they dont have to put op with your le funny oneshot mobs.
Nice one, step into the right direction kleep it up

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