3.19.0f Patch Notes

I better go play Cyberpunk 2077, now there are fewer bugs than poe
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Still seems like a disaster to me.

Hated Nemesis mobs still in the game: check
Drops still nerfed into the ground: check
All the cool builds nerfed in the ground: check

Game not so much fun anymore: check
Rares are fine?
I just fought like 3 min with one.. on a t10 lol

Also ppl are makin videos like this:

And this is quite close to as PoE is now.

Also minions are ded.
Just saying.

No one rly playing em. Guess why?
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that fixing the loot is going to take a day or two for that patch. I'll give them till Wed for the loot fix.
Please bring back reforge suffix/prefix harvest crafts.
Bring back reforge suf/pre make them expensive but plz shoting annuls into 50 div items isnt fun. Rest i am happy with.
Too bad everyone already quit.
/recheck_achievements doesn't work for me. I've completed Abyss/Essence/Ambush/Harbinger.
IGN: @Oos
gave it a try, still stinks (both lake and AN general)
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revert the ultra wide change

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