3.19.0e Hotfix

dago_ wrote:
Harley813 wrote:
the problem with archnemesis is that it's even in the game

No. Git gud.

Its not about being too hard. Its just super annoying and unnecessary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wQfgaV9nnk THIS GAME IS DONE :(
TreeOfDead wrote:
but i think better would be keep bug that allow ID corrupt gear... much better imo

PS also not sure if u see it still worth to try
archnem mods do crazy HUGE dmg and u didnt lower it at all... and its RLY good u lower life from AN mods but they have RLY RLY big res and some builds still will have insane problem with AN
party bonus can be nerfed or even removed etc
if u wanna more feedbacks and suggestions here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3298458

Do you really think they do anything their players want?
They started with being company that worked with player's feedback to end working on their own and fuck up another league because "let's force fucking Archnemesis 3 leagues in a row" and "let's lie to players, let's lie to people that actually pays us bunch of money every league and let's make them stupid by not telling them things like Tainted fusing nerf".
So many things lied for, so many things unsaid, and then apologies? Well, nice to hear that, but apologies won't fix all the shits done.
Peak players dropped from 150k to 76k. 50% population quit the game because of idiocracy and ignorance.

Well done GGG, you outdid yourself this time!
Fix archnem damage output
Well I had hoped for a weekend of poe, but at this level of grind I might even gods help me reinstall diablo 3...

Nah, I'll just play chronocron or grim dawn, I'm not THAT desperate yet.

See that hill over there, "points finger" that's the hill you're destined to die on. SMH
Yeah was hoping this game might get fun by the weekend.. guess not.

I am so tired of this.

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