3.19.0e Hotfix

I can confirm that corrupted unid items still drop in the game.
community driven game... Suuuure...

[Removed by Support]

No loot, no craft and loads of nerfs = No fun.

Thanks for the previous seasons GGG, thoose where fun, this is the biggest pile of donkey dicks you have ever produced.

To all 25 people enjoying this patch, have fun, and happy hunting.
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In addition to Detonate Dead, other skills have become a joke. Except for the Inquisitor, the other Ascendant became jokes. This is unhealthy.
All players use these two things to ignore Archnemesis, please think about that
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please no more flask drops :'(
Sailleana wrote:
dago_ wrote:
Harley813 wrote:
the problem with archnemesis is that it's even in the game

No. Git gud.

Its not about being too hard. Its just super annoying and unnecessary

I disagree.
I like the mobs fighting back again.
It was too easy for years on end.
Now the normies are getting clapped.
"Now the normies are getting clapped.

Bringing in 'normies' will provide more money over time, and thus, keep this game an PoE2 around for years longer.

I'll admit, a carefully-structured overhaul on Maps difficulties would give you the challenge you've wanted for years, but it really should be a very gradual increase in difficulties, with absolutely no random deaths in the campaign via 10-stack Modified Rares. Tormented-up or not.

I would easily tolerate Archnemesis mods if there were CAPS imposed on them; meaning a Rare could have at most 3, a Magic could have at most 2, and a white could only have 1.

As it has been since the onset, there's simply no limits to the amounts of auras that mobs can propagate, and it's this oversight alone which allows the damned things to be tankier or hit harder than actual Act/Map bosses.

But, really, there are probably a hundred more game-breaking shenanigans than a dozen auras on mobs...
Its one bug fix...
Idk about anybody else but I keep getting disconnected.
The arch nemesis mods and harvest crafting is literally the only thing they've fixed. They keep pretending their fixing loot but aren't.

KobeBlack Mamba showed some of the statistics on it looked legit and it's in a really bad place. Even those rares dropping stuff still is very minimal on getting decent stuff for what you'd get. Chris' new loot drop method is really bad and truthfully the only fix is reverting the changes.

They tried to slow the game down and to be honest that was terrible thinking in the first place. Any league they've done that the leagues gone to trash. People hated Harvest league for it as an example. People don't like impossible grinds and earning nothing and have less reward then they're investing into the crafts and to get gear. This lead to essence and fossils being the only effective means to craft as well.

As for those "normies" they won't exist. As those will be the most likely people to drop the game and pick up something like Diablo 3 because they'll earn loot be rewarded and their skills aren't nuked into the ground for survivability. Which survivability nerfs have been noted even before this league. It's why people ended up heavily relying on defiance banner over any other survivability skill.

What they really needed to have changed was map bosses. Map bosses were generally nuked easier then any rare you'd find and generally rewarded very little.

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