3.19.0e Hotfix

The arch nemesis mods and harvest crafting is literally the only thing they've fixed. They keep pretending their fixing loot but aren't.

KobeBlack Mamba showed some of the statistics on it looked legit and it's in a really bad place. Even those rares dropping stuff still is very minimal on getting decent stuff for what you'd get. Chris' new loot drop method is really bad and truthfully the only fix is reverting the changes.

They tried to slow the game down and to be honest that was terrible thinking in the first place. Any league they've done that the leagues gone to trash. People hated Harvest league for it as an example. People don't like impossible grinds and earning nothing and have less reward then they're investing into the crafts and to get gear. This lead to essence and fossils being the only effective means to craft as well.

As for those "normies" they won't exist. As those will be the most likely people to drop the game and pick up something like Diablo 3 because they'll earn loot be rewarded and their skills aren't nuked into the ground for survivability. Which survivability nerfs have been noted even before this league. It's why people ended up heavily relying on defiance banner over any other survivability skill.

What they really needed to have changed was map bosses. Map bosses were generally nuked easier then any rare you'd find and generally rewarded very little.

but u can ask mfculler when u find an mobs... so loot 2.0 alrdy implemented and working
exampl https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3300869
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
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so no fixes for 3 days? good god has blizzard paid you to tank their season start or what?
Well you could tell there wasn't going to be a patch today when they didn't get the modifier drops in their last patch and his response was they'd add it "in the coming days" instead of tomorrow. Dev team probably started going on vacation.
Make POE great again!!!

Please fix:

#Headhunter is ruined!?

#Beyond is rubbish now!?

#Good loot from 1 rare mob every 200 maps!? LOOT GOBLINS

From what I'm hearing, unidentified talismans are still dropping. Any word on if you'll fix(ID) the ones we've gotten so far? Really disappointed that the trade site inadvertently tricked me into purchasing one that I can't actually put on since there's no way to ID it.
trade... getting ignored even more than ever trying to buy things. however i do like that remove only tabs are no longer public

harvest... well, it should just get removed completely

loot drops... the worst it has even been. more flasks and convoking wands than you can fit into 100 stash tabs

juicing maps... rewards are less than investment 95% of the time

AN modded monsters... not really that big of a problem i find

builds... GGG should just list the builds and items they want people to play and use

forum post moderation... what goes for one person should go for all. some of my posts were removed for being needlessly negative while many WAY more negative posts made by supporters with walls of badges remain
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
return old harvest

But, really, there are probably a hundred more game-breaking shenanigans than a dozen auras on mobs...

You mean like:

The damage-calc of the game checking every unique existent before applying damage and hence taking up massive amounts of capacity?

AN modifiers being able to combine with normal rare mob modifiers like soul eater?

AN modifiers not adjusted to the mob type and hence creating a ridiculous disparity of power-level?

AN defenses causing time-gated mechanics to partially 'fail' since they can't be killed in time with your boss-killing char?

AN modifiers literally being able to be exploited to create several mirrors of pure currency per day with the right methods and abusing group-play?

You could also mean that reward chests actually can open without any viable reward (a single top-tier rare base suffices) inside and hence seem 'empty'?

Or do you mean that pressing the 'convert' button for your maps in Standard literally is a broken functionality?

I know, not all related to AN or mobs, just a slight overview of a few of the existing issues, some years old.
GGG balance is like getting a pizza which is burnt on the sides, raw in the middle and misses the most of the toppings.
Then upon sending it back you get a raw side, burnt middle and enough toppings to drench everything in grease.
Everything fixed but still broken.
Lunaris touched mob did not drop anything for me. Bug or feature?
If Nothing dropped, then it's intended. Pls report the Bug if something drops and GGG is going to fix it in the next hotfix :)

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