3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Thanks for harvest, at least.
teacup, the seeker of tea
lol, 2 days of waiting and still nothing:(
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Bro they lied to us about the biggest change they've ever made to the entire game, and have been slowly buffing what they nerfed on purpose, and it's still not even CLOSE to what it used to be...Mapping with any investment is 100% loss atm...

They created fires and aren't even bothering to put them out, why are you praising them?
thanks ggg :)
and enchant cluster ?????? pleaaaase
Good. Harvest drastically needed changes because those lifeforce costs (in relation to lifeforce gains) were as if someone designed them while being high on crack. 50k for synthesise or fracture? 12k for enchant quality? Ye that was insane.

Now if you could bring back some crafts that you called "superficial" and "not needed" such as implicit modifier on a jewel, or rare item divine orb (can be without the 'lucky modifier values' part)
Nice work on the league.
Actually managed to forget that i have had no performance issues on my side so far :o.
Maybe the game will be playable in a few months again...
Just did some lakes and it´s still not worth. The league mechanic is so disappointing and not worth the invest/time.
Good shit

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