Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Console Launch

WoW I mean WoW

No 3.19.0c

Even after this the PC folks are leaving in droves. Every single streamer is raging over the release and how bad it is.

I was hoping GGG would at least try to salvage console after seeing PC crashing and burning.

Thanks GGG, but no, I will look for an alternative to your game, people stop bringing money GGG maybe they will listen to us then
Yeah, no 3.19c? I'm sure you would be better off delaying the launch until you can include this patch as well.

Pretty sure the player base would appreciate your honesty and some communication on this front.

The past few leagues have had massive delays anyways, so it wouldn't be out of the norm.

Either way, I personally would rather wait a day or 2 to get a better version of the release.
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I'll be playing the shit out of this. Yayayayayay
Oh.. and thanks to all the PC players for posting so much hate in a console release thread. You do not speak for me.
I saw " MASSIVE " problems on PC version : no loot / Harvest is dead / Rares monsters too much stronger / one shot death in white map .. Poe is more difficult than Dark Soul, good luck guys
I really do feel bad for console people, they saw this *insert a curse word to your liking* dumbster fire of a league launch already and are forced (if they are playing, you can also not choose to play the game. But if you do..) to play this *insert a curse word to your liking* of a expension.
Woohooo cant wait to be honest with all nice QoL changes for console plus more.

Been excited for starting a new character with new skills.

Hoping SSF SC is the good play :)
Please pospone until the loot issue etc. is fixed. Its ok to do that and then deliver a better experience. Since our playerbase is already much smaller than on PC, I am afraight that if you dont do so, we will lose too many players too early which will mess up the trade market and make this league borderline playable.
Again please consider posponing, it is ok!
I'll be there, hyped still

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