Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Console Launch

Hey guys so I know some of these may not be exactly your favorite things to run...

But until they fix deli, beyond etc.
Heist, blight, expedition and other mechanics with dedicated chest for loot are still fairly reliable.

Don't waste atlas points on harvest, beyond, deli.
You can choose to not block harvest to maybe accumulate some life force.

Legion, breach, betrayal etc are still great exp sink as options if you prefer those routes.

Just don't currently invest in content that would typically just juice or synergize together and hope for actual loot drops.
Oof. How could a single console player be hyped for league launch after the shitstorm of the past week.

I feel bad for them.

Nonetheless, looking forward for more changes revealed today.
Are we going to get any of the fixes on launch?
Thanks for listening to the community you guys are awesome.
I would suggest fixing the loot issue within 24 hours of console release, or ya'll going to see a lot of veteran players not participating this league.
Hopefully console players will see the horror that the PC version is in and not bother. It’s obvious that GGG hasn’t gotten the message with most of the PC players quitting, maybe when the console players don’t play as well GGG will finally get the message. Harsh nerfs means no money, lying to us and deceptive patch notes means no players. Anyways, good luck console players. Hope your league launch is better then ours.
Don't bother console players. There is no Loot in a Loot based game. No real ways to craft gear anymore either!
This is probably going to be the saddest console launch in history.
You console players excited?!

Didnt think so...

Sorta neat. Good luck with the launch.
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Hopefully we get 1 of two things:

1) We thought this was best for the game; based on feedback it clearly isn't, and we're changing directions.

2) We don't actually test our leagues. This was unintended and will be fixed going forward.

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