Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Console Launch

If you don't see a huge loot fix coming then it's not worth it. GGG needs to understand they made mistakes and actually fix them.

I've played since beta and this is the first time I've seen GGG as just another company like Blizzard. We were explicitly lied to and covertly deceived in others for this patch. Why? who knows. Whoever is responsible for this needs to be given a vacation.
Why release 3.19b instead of 3.19c?
When the community is still outraged at 3.19c?

Same thing that happened on Pc will happen on console. Im confused.
... and the tone deaf actions of GGG keep rolling on. Obviously the game is currently in a terrible state. Console players are already at a massive disadvantage compared to PC so it doesn't take Nostradamus to work out that this is going to be painful for anyone to play.

A developer with an authentic interest in delivering a quality product would have immediately delayed the console launch and re-certified a patched version in a few weeks. Not doing so appears to put the financial interests of GGG ahead of everything else, demonstrating once again that they aren't listening and they don't care.
guys should we put out this fire?

na, i was thinking of starting a second one
I'm still gonna play for 38. I was gonna stick around for all three months, but now, ehh.
Ice Shot Deadeye 'till the day I die
Looking forward to the league... and the upcoming fixes :D
It is sad to see how you guys messed up the entire game.
Hope the balance team can fix the problems as soon as possible
Console launch? Realy? Just in time, GGG. Just in time...
Will the improvements with drops be also be already added to console launch?
SgtObsidian wrote:
Will the improvements with drops be also be already added to console launch?

I really hope it will be. I'd rather have them delay the league start a few hours otherwise than play the current state of the game.

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