3.18.1f Patch Notes

andrew8448 wrote:
cant migrate sentinel league chars... :/

Historically, they need a few hours before you can manually migrate from the league that just ended. Give it some time. Also once you do hit that >> button, sometimes it takes a little while for the full migration (master missions, crafting bench, stash tabs, characters, etc) to fully process. Be patient.

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I guess I wrongly assumed folders would be transferred as well on merge. Can we make this work as that would really help with organizing in standard.
Remove-only stash tabs can no longer be set to public.

This sucks big time. It was a good way to be able to sell league specific stuff, without the need of removing stuff. Really bad change.
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gg, was nice league, especially the possibility to block certain league mechanic to focus on a few of them ! great great great addition. and currency stackin still super pog.

ps : time to sort your 999 old stash tabs muahhahahah get to work
Why we shouldn't set "remove-only" tabs public anymore ?
do you think we would magickly make extra space for our +100 stabs in standard ?
or are you forcing us to buy extra tabs each league ?

I want to know what's the point of this change and hinder ?
Remove-only stash tabs can no longer be set to public.

thx for fucking me up. i'll remove my future spendings on this game.
please revert this remove-only tab nonsense, this change is not good :S
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has the remove-only change been announced anywhere before? A change like this is bigger than the ex to div change for std players and it feels like been sneaked in on a .1F patch
Remove-only stash tabs can no longer be set to public


ggg this is a dirty move
Great xp, great loot, available to anyone instead of being gated behind copious amounts of cringe juicing, ofc doesn't go core, never change ggg...
HC balance should be separate from SC I don't care which outdated 1993 game dev philosophy this goes against. youtube/twitch.tv/DESPAIR268


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