Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

I like these changes, next league will be awesome
So guys according to patch notes Doedre's Tenure wont contain the 30-50% seal gain frequency modifier? Did we just lose that?
Problem: Average players was having just a bit of fun experimenting with crafting and getting good rolled items.

Solution: only empyriangaming is able to craft and roll items this league.
Thank you Chris, keep the cool work and don't forget about melee :' )
Just sad for necro tho
The Wraithlord Unique Helmet no longer has Minions Regenerate 1% of Life per second, or +1000 to Spectre maximum Life. Instead, it now has "Cannot have non-Spectre Minions", and +2 to maximum number of Spectres.

but now we can't use Skitterbots either right?
My favorite builds has been assassinated, I'm more hyped to skip the league than palying, they killed the fun :(
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Garfunkel wrote:
Ok but with Divine Orbs made super expensive now how are we supposed to reroll timeless jewels??

Guys, if you want to get divine orbs it's very easy with vendor recipe - just vendor mirrors of kalandra!
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The change to divine orbs will only hurt the average player

The change to divines is just for GGG's internal fun and curiousness how it will affect the market.
They dont care at all if average players now cant reroll their timeless jewels anymore for a sensefull amount of currency.
They dont care that this will result in the fact that an average player with normal play time will have even less access to good gear because good rolled gear will get over the top expensive now and you cant reroll the stats on the found items with a decent amount of currency.
It doesnt affect the rich players, the 15 hours a day players , the using a bot players, because they dont care those changes, as they will have enough divines, or whatever currency they need for buying, crafting, rerolling their stuff.
It exclusivly affects the average player, I am one of them and the again and again "kick in the ass" decisions against the average playerbase is purely astonishing.

I am sure GGG is aware of those indications for average players but they just dont give a shit, go buy supporter packs average player.

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