Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

If I'm honest, the divine orb change is the most likely change to make me not play this league or even standard for the next few months. There's way to many items that require hard diving to be even kind of useful for a ton of builds.

For context, I dropped 20ex or so in the last couple weeks on divines at 8:1ex on standard. If I had to pay more than that I probably would have just abandoned the builds. Timeless and cluster jewels gonna be rough moving forward, as well as a number of wide range but rare drop uniques.

Playing standard KEKW
dissapointed for where the game is going ... being harder and harder
Exalted orb is new Sacred orb then? What's its use apart for yolo slam?
I see that
Ex is 15c
Divine is 250c(or even more)
Perfect rolled Thread of hopes - 100500c
Good timeless jewel - 10500c
Perfect rolled endgame stuff - 100500mirrors
Great rolled Ventors - priceless.
Divine orbs for crafting bench is total utter crap. 2 years of farming Exalts gone to the drain. thank you very much.
You bore me, mageling.
everything looks like a nerf... even the good ones are nerfs decoyed as buff... adding damage recouped as life on jewels just adds an extra unwanted mod... if you really wanted to add it just replace the trash flat life regen mod from the jewels. But nope you want more trash mods.

also whats the point of divine orb change... it just makes an already existing currency harder to get... it doesnt change anything to the overall gameplay experience... GGG really loves to do pointless changes.
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Can't wait :)

Please add the new harvest currency to the currency tab <3
yea,divine change just dumb. it fucks everyone. divine orb is HARDER to get than exalt not SAME. now divine not just having MORE use,but exalt LESS <- that alone just screw 90% of the players.
the most stupid idea I ever seen was that divine and ex value change.
Divine orbs already have a good use for rerolling mods on unique and now with the new rebalanced uniques its value will be higher on the other hand ex didnt have any use except for the meta crafts, removing it from meta crafts will make a worthless currency even more worthless while removing vendor craft for divine and making it a meta craft currency will make it very scarce to get for rerolling uniques.

Please remove this change and keep ex and divine as they are.
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no changes for mines, which are still complete garbage.
skipping this one too I suppose.
basically rerolling uniques is not a thing anymore. imagine rerolling with exalts,one must be very rich or very dumb mothafuker.
ex slam is not a thing even...if someone metacrafting they sure as hell dont EX SLAM. it would be multicraft OR veiled slam with locked pref/suff
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