Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Regarding Divine and Exalt changes...
Where is the guy that is supposed to say .... in a Taika Waititi voice

"Whoa there Chris,...that's actually a pretty bad idea mate, maybe let's let the grown-ups make the game changing decisions for today buddy,....ok!?"

Joking, but seriously... bad choice.... Everything seems like maybe +1 to player power out of a possible (-100 to +100) to player power scenario.

Switching divine and exalt roles like that... not the worst idea ever...BUT... removing the main way to get divines? Now its just trading 1 medium problem for a much larger problem. atleast with exalts there were shards and many card trade-ins. What do we now have to get divines?..... chirp chirp chirp.... Doesn't seem well thought out. Divines will NOT be as easily attianable as Exalts are now. This means divines will be worth waaaaaayyyyy more than exalts currently are woth. BAD PLANNING. DO you guys actually have a department that thinks these things thru.

This. They should have just remove divine orb vendor recipe and kept the exalt requirements for crafting bench mods.
The creator of the brother's stash card commented on the divine & Exalt change on reddit.

"Yeah I'm super upset about the change in regard to my card. Exalts are going to be worth 20-30c is my guess, maybe even less. Divine are going to shoot up to 200-300c, maybe more as we have no way of making Divine orbs.

While it still will be "nice" to get the card, it is in no way what I intended for the card to be when I created it."

I truly hope you offer to change the exalted div cards to divine if the creators desire, even to alleviate the massive inflation divines are going to see from having very few sources of them now, but especially to honor the creator's story behind the card.

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I'm really interested in those new ghastly jewel affixes.

If I can make spellcasting minions proc bleed that way, I have some good meme ideas.
Jesus the minion regen got gutted.
That's what, every unique that received changes got minion regen removed?
As to seismic changes, tall poppy syndrome as usual.
The Wind Dancer and Arrow Dancing changes are still bad.

We already get 95% evade chance to ranged and melee.

10% more Evade for any downside is ONLY downside because we are already capped at 95%.

And that 5% of the time that a phys attack hits us (1/20) we insta die because our gear doesn't have armor.

Also, "More Evade" doesn't work with Iron Reflexes.

The following Maps have been added back to the Atlas: Ancient City, Arachnid Nest, Arachnid Tomb, Belfry, Castle Ruins, Chateau, Colosseum, Crater, Defiled Cathedral, Dig, Excavation, Forking River, Ghetto, Leyline, Pen, Phantasmagoria, Pier, Plateau, Racecourse, Shrine, Silo, Stagnation, Sulphur Vents, Vault, and Waterways.

Other than Plateau, Vault and Racecourse, EVERY one of these maps are disliked by the majority of playerbase. Leyline's borderline playable. Why? Of what benefit is the change to add these poorly designed maps back in the map pool when they'll be done once by most of the playerbase and then serve only as trash to fill the map tab and get horizon orbed into actually playable maps?
The following Maps have been removed from the Atlas: Basilica, Bazaar, Beach, Burial Chambers, Cage, City Square, Core, Courtyard, Crystal Ore, Desert Spring, Fields, Glacier, Infested Valley, Ivory Temple, Lookout, Mineral Pools, Palace, Pit, Reef, Sepulchre, Sunken City, Tower, Toxic Sewer, Tropical Island, and Volcano.

Beach, City Square, Fields, Glacier, Infested Valley, Tropical Island and Volcano were all desirable (because they're not horrible to run) maps. I get it, variety is nice and we need fresh stuff but the maps removed are almost all better than the ones added back in. Try playing your own maps and compare the experience, either rework such mess as Stagnation and Silo or let them go. No one wants to play them.

Also, and this one's more important, if you're changing trade site to only work while logged in, STOP SIGNING US OUT randomly. If we have to get our steam log in and use steam guard for 2FA every time we want to check trade site, I assure you, people will simply go to third party sites that source data from trade site anyway.
It's not a fix. You want to fix trade site downtimes and issues, cap the traffic available to overlays and trade apps. The issue is 20k newbies price checking their 2C rare or unique drop 5 times a minute. It's a crutch and it's brought down trade site more times over the last three leagues than I can count.
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I still find it amusing that dev's in this game thinks that players having good effect on things is a "problem" and then they put you a "solution" as if it was a problem to begin with..

Clearly says alot about your core development philosopies..
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."

Once you break the cycle of fear no angels or demons can whisper you their sweet nothing words.
RIP Hyrri's Demise and other fated uniques that were still viable :(

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