Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Looking through the uniques actually have me more excited than the busted Trickster ascendancy.

Still tho, I feel the change for the exalts was...weird? I mean, so many of the best div cards are centered around them and this really doesn't like..fix anything? I get it, you don't want rerolling uniques to be TOO easy, but this feels like a fairly ass backwards change lol. I feel this change could've been left in the oven for another league or so, before you pulled the trigger; as is, it feels haphazard.

My last worry is just...Archnem. I still really worry about it in the endgame. Like, blight maps definitely come to mind, but even just looking at what this new league mechanic can spawn, the idea that I might have 4-5 rares with 3-4 mods around me is really iffy. And looking through the notes, I wonder if we're just in for another repeat of 3.18 with regards to how bad that felt. Yea, I see that you nerfed the rates, but even if it was cut in half, in even a moderately juiced map, that's still a fair amount of rares at any time. I dunno, I really hope there was some care taken with this implementation.

Still, those concerns aside, the league does look pretty stellar. A shame I'll likely have to miss out on most/all of it, but who knows might pop in just to see how it goes :)
How can ggg disappoint everyone 3 leagues in a row [skill changes]
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This set of changes focuses on unique items available during the campaign,

RIP Oni-Goroshi

Otherwise some nice changes, can't wait to spin up the death counter
I really loved the league trailer with the new Cinematics...

GGG has improved the way of explaining the changes on their patchnotes/manifesto
and also released patchnotes 1 week before the league starter which is really good for us to plan everything up...

Congrats for GGG and Chris Wilson for the work they have done...

One thing that kinda annoys me tho, is that they released a MTX for picking up items on the ground, I would prefer if it was a Chicken instead of a Snake, because thats how we feel pickin up stuff on the ground... Chickens pickin up Corns...

I really wish they make an automatic pick up system like what they have in Expedition content (but tradeable currency). That would be the max quality of life they could ever implement to the game, and would make the screen a lot cleaner for us to watch the awesome combat.

Best regards
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More user interface changes and quality-of-life improvements will be revealed in upcoming news posts.

YES, please !

so far the QoL features are incredibly disappointing - again.
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Worst Patch ever 0 buffs (almost)
Oczojebny wrote:
Worst Patch ever 0 buffs (almost)

relax, u just don't see them yet.
“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.”
― Christopher Hitchens
My QoL List:
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No hype League

Very disappointing :/
Regarding Divine and Exalt changes...
Where is the guy that is supposed to say .... in a Taika Waititi voice

"Whoa there Chris,...that's actually a pretty bad idea mate, maybe let's let the grown-ups make the game changing decisions for today buddy,....ok!?"

Joking, but seriously... bad choice.... Everything seems like maybe +1 to player power out of a possible (-100 to +100) to player power scenario.

Switching divine and exalt roles like that... not the worst idea ever...BUT... removing the main way to get divines? Now its just trading 1 medium problem for a much larger problem. atleast with exalts there were shards and many card trade-ins. What do we now have to get divines?..... chirp chirp chirp.... Doesn't seem well thought out. Divines will NOT be as easily attianable as Exalts are now. This means divines will be worth waaaaaayyyyy more than exalts currently are woth. BAD PLANNING. DO you guys actually have a department that thinks these things thru.

When does Sentinel League end and get merged to standard?

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