3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Hoho. HH is fixed the same way my cat is fixed. Archnem is not addressed further. Invulnerable and Juggernaut during blight encounters in maps, anyone?
Good change, this will definitely make HH busted again.
All they gotta do now is prevent Echoist from dashing backwards after using a movement skill which is pure insanity.
HH偷枷锁怪的 坚毅之心,这他妈咋玩 回回一张图 摘俩次腰带,能不能让枷锁怪滚出poe
While i do agree that it took way too long for this particular fix - i think you girls should actually try, and feel the new 60second HH. It's a buff that makes HH viable for juiced maps atleast. If you have a decent HH mapping build, it shouldn't take you longer than a minute to clear anyway. I like this change, even though it took way too long to implement.
If this your fix then HH is truly dead.

Crystal Ore bosses also were invulnerable after entering the zone during Delirium mirror. After the Delirium effect ended the bosses became invulnerable.
We have done a lot of work on reducing the memory usage of rare monster modifiers so that a greater variety can be present in each area. This means that the number of different mods that Headhunter items can steal is a lot higher than before.
Not only that, it is also really cool to get more variety in the map. I was often annoyed by seeing the same 5 effects on every magic pack.
So basically now, instead of flicker striking for 20 seconds which was already fucking ruining the game, now I will have to suffer that for whole minute? wowowowoowowow I guess we playin diablo xd
Awesome... great fix GGG, and it only took 3 weeks, now you steal crappy mods and hold on to them for 60 seconds instead of 20.

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