3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Echothesis wrote:
From some comments in this thread it felt like HH can already trivialize the game for many builds, which is what triggered me. And yes, I actually had HH myself once, and tried it for some time. But stopped using it despite large clearspeed boost since it fully overrides the individual build and style.

Mageblood can turn specially crafted flasks into ultimate stat sticks for allres, defenses and ele damage mitigation, greatly reducing strain on other gear. In my noob opinion, any item with such clear advantage over others for that slot (in this case, belts) is a step backward (and closer to D3)

i think HH was broken and still rly rly good or close to broken but lil better balanced
still we have omni that crazy strong OP like old HH was
and sadly ashes pit on same table rarity as omni for NO reason
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ebeninami wrote:

if i had written a text like this, my post would have been deleted by a mod immediatly. Happened a lot.

But look, how many medals this Bigboy has :)

there is a huge difference between blatantly obvious sarcasm, and being offensive / direct aggressive towards someone.
even tho i did refer to a particular post, in what i said i was generally speaking...
i got modded often enough no worries, badges dont do shit when it comes to the forums, because people on here tend to be really reeeeeeeaaaaaaally sensitive at times.
but hey, putting yourself in a victimized defensive position really is the right approach, that's something you definitely can put to use in real life, and gets your far!
look up the 4 levels of competence, and try to advance from level one :)
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Still no fix for archnemesis monsters, Effigy still around oneshotting people randomly in maps without counterplay. Theres no reason to keep posting if they keep ignoring people.

You make Diablo Immortal look good, and its not.
Diablo 2 > Diablo 1 > Diablo 4 > Diablo > Torchlight > Titan Quest > Grim Dawn > Diablo Immortal > Path of Exile 2 > Path of Exile.
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End of league from Chris: “we see that all players absolutely loved archnemesis, so we will be keeping it as a permanent addition to the game and look forward to making it more difficult to present challenges for the next league”
im shocked that the state of the game is not being addressed at all and their not even talking about making players happy. im almost concerned its going to stay this way and even get worse. why not double the death penalty while we are at it. i cant even get power from gaining levels. getting past level 92 is not something a casual can ever dream of obtaining and thats antifun. devs want me to be poor and powerless and struggle in a power fantasy game and im just getting tired of trying to enjoy something within someone elses "vision"
Honestly, if they would just get rid of effigy and the lightning dudes that chase you, it would almost be manageable to play this update.

I am more concerned about the complete lack of communication.
iceband12085 wrote:
Honestly, if they would just get rid of effigy and the lightning dudes that chase you, it would almost be manageable to play this update.

I am more concerned about the complete lack of communication.

i reached a point (with investment), where i dont have a problem with the archnemesis mods right now, but still, i totaly agree that ggg has todo just a little bit more for couple rough edges (i like overpumped soul eater, its just sick xD). the complete silence worries me too. it looks like its their strategy as far as i can read it on some reddit posts. it realy matches the "1-2 patches and then silence till next league". i couldnt believe it, but it realy looks exactly like that... sad... xD
Please fix Inspired Learning too. It still has only 20 secs.

The Headhunter Unique Belt now has "When you Kill a Rare Monster, you gain its Modifiers for 60 seconds" (previously 20 seconds).

Inspired Learning (10.06.2022)

With 4 Notables Allocated in Radius, When you Kill a Rare monster, you gain 1 of its Modifiers for 20 seconds
No more updates ? Sadge
Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.
still waiting echoing hh buff removal.
fk archnemesis.

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