3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

NessajStorm wrote:
Looks like its time for another game GGG starting have same issue like Blizzard too big zero right to decide anything becouse of shareholders:

Owner Tencent (86.67%)
Chris Wilson (8.78%)
Jonathan Rogers (2.28%)
Erik Olofsson (2.2%)

Like the other Chinese they are now dictating what will happen not GGG team.

^ probably the most important comment posted. Probably true (the dictate on gamedesign), and if it is, there's nothing we can do about it.
Besides spreading the info.
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HH getting all the love again but what about 1 million cold base damage for my shiversting? And all the other uniques?
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POE turned into a ratrace for the most div/hour.
RIP Headhunter, RIP League...

flicker striker for 60 sec instead of 20 sec...
And no stacking buffs so you have no chance to suvive those 60 sec..
i have no words..

took the one of the moste fun items in the game and changed it into a lvling item. just sad we cant use it before lvl 40.

Fix could be:
Change it back to 20 sec. and give it a stolen buff effect multiplier *0,25 or what works. ppl need the amount of buffs so we can scale it with the juice we do. thas how hh always worked.

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GGG starting to look a lot like Blizzard when it comes to not listening to players and doubling down on silly decisions.
This "buff" addresses none of the problems. It seems like Chris has finally lost his battle for the HH. The end of an era.

This fix may actually make HH Worse...

PLEASE remove Shroudwalker (I think that is the one that teleports you) and Echoist from the HH pool. Oh and the ice circle one.

These make playing with a HH unbearable.... 60 seconds of these. Come on...

Edit: I just did a 5 way in standard and didnt get shroudwalker. Without having that teleport buff, these changes actually made HH feel decent again.

PLEASE remove it from the pool. SAVE HH!!!! PLEASE!!!!
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Make inspired learning 60 sec too.
GGG keeps saying they'd like to slow the gameplay down.

- But endgame content is gated behind dps checks that no amount of tactical skill can overcome without having god-tier items.
- But getting god-tier items is gated behind either cost, drop rarity, or both.

- Playing at a slow pace and kiting threats would net a player's income down to 0, unless willing to spend month+ on building a single character.
- Which means the only way to do endgame content is playing and clearing maps as fast as player can.

Keeping in mind that they'd supposedly like to slow gameplay down, GGG:

- Buffs rare mobs to such degree that playing and farming as fast as possible becomes the only way to get even into middle-game content and farm resources. Builds unable to move and attack at the same time are now forced to spend most of their gameplay dodging rare mobs instead of doing damage.

- Attempts to buff a specific unique belt designed to bypass the entire rare mob threat, while paying no attention to other unique items designed as "build-defining" and performing very weak for a very long time.
So basically headhunter was shit. Now its shit but for longer.

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