3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Ashriel wrote:
Lots of words to say "not reverting Archnemesis"

so bad patch!

Remove immun from mobs NOT NEED 80%/FULL REMOVE!!!
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Yeap, came in to see new patch notes. Still nope, and it looks like it will remain so for the league.

There are so many things wrong that i cant even... be bothered to start naming 'em all. Used to care more back then, but meh

Just one tho, which i didnt seen it underlined often (if at all) among the hurricanes of complains:
all time related mechanics (incursion, breach, legion and such) need be revisited by ggg, since they were clearly not tested enough. Due to the increased difficulty to clear new AN yellows and blues process became slower, much slower, specially for delayed damage builds like EA or degens and one can not cover enough area in the old restricted time limits.
Example: meta EA ballista build which can clear alched red map in decent time, cannot clear same tier, or lower incursion, not enuff time to kill selected boss and get key/open door..

But enuff ranting, it became painfully clear that this league is kinda deaded and will stay so. Portents of that were apparent in Steam population stats and Twitch TV games channels, when POE was already out of top 30 most played games in the second week after new league launch...

Peace out.
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Why are you guys complaining about this?
You definetely don't realise what going from 20 seconds to 60 actually means for the HH.
Its not like if you normally have 10 staks now those 10 staks lasts 60 second.
Its much more than that,becouse now,those 10 staks you normally had in those 20 seconds adds to the next 10 staks you would get from the next 20 seconds and another 10 from the other 20 seconds,wich means,that now instead of having 10 staks,you now have at least 30 staks if you kill rares at the same pace as before,but becouse you now have more staks you are faster and deal more damage,wich means you will get more staks and even finish your map faster becouse you kill rares at a faster pace.
I just run the same map i always do,with same strategy,same everything as before and all i can say is that its freaking awesome!I love the changes.
And for some reason,even if i expected echoist,i didn't actually got it in the entire map.Might be RNG idk...
But seriously,even if there are a lot of things to complain about in this game (just like any other game) there are things that it just doesn't make any sense to complain about.
I would personally be disapointed to see the HH being reverted to 20 seconds,please don't do that,guys!Rather,fix the echoist or whatever the problem seems to be instead. <3
Idk what buff I'm getting from HH while killing mobs, but it legit makes my cyclone ability do ZERO damage for 60 seconds...please fix this
1MarcG wrote:
Idk what buff I'm getting from HH while killing mobs, but it legit makes my cyclone ability do ZERO damage for 60 seconds...please fix this

Have you tried to equip a weapon...?Sometimes that fixes the zero damage problem.
Please remove conversion from mob mods so HH works with physical builds :)
1MarcG wrote:
Idk what buff I'm getting from HH while killing mobs, but it legit makes my cyclone ability do ZERO damage for 60 seconds...please fix this

archnemesis mobs have conversion and headhunter makes you get those mobs. impale builds are literally bricked by HH aswell as any pure phys build that does not convert already.

i hope they fix this asap
Very cool mirror Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3227915
Ritual league: it was fun to play and try something new, since harvest was not such imbalanced.


Ultimatum league: very strong nerf to explosions.. cool and very pleasant mechanics which I personally enjoyed like all the players, I'm sure of it. So where all Crusader chests on poe.trade? Nothing.

More downgrade?

Sentinel league: GGG will not touch the balance. Haha, but.. nerf all builds by adding archnemesis mods to monsters. Very dangerous but zero rewards. And where FUN of gaming in SOLO hack'n'slash rpg.. when i'm trying to kill rare monster with "chaosweaver, sentinel, trickster" mods on 30kk chaos damage build. I spent 3 minutes to kill that BIG trash and get nothing.

So, goodbye GGG. I loved your game and played it since Legion league. Your logic is terrible because no one likes when their characters are made weak. Nerfed most iconic item of this game - headhunter. Right now is just a rare leather belt with stats and life.

3.7.0 - 3.18.0 F

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