3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Im a little late but.

I started the hoho movement.

Moderators are absurd.
NewMilenium wrote:
NessajStorm wrote:
Looks like its time for another game GGG starting have same issue like Blizzard too big zero right to decide anything becouse of shareholders:

Owner Tencent (86.67%)
Chris Wilson (8.78%)
Jonathan Rogers (2.28%)
Erik Olofsson (2.2%)

Like the other Chinese they are now dictating what will happen not GGG team.

^ probably the most important comment posted. Probably true (the dictate on gamedesign), and if it is, there's nothing we can do about it.
Besides spreading the info.

This is the problem and ppl not get it …

Is not GGG game anymore … is china boss now

That why Cwilson said they wouldnt touch HH and still they nuked it

This is the games problem … and we cant do anything about it

Your strength is the law !!

MadG poe on youtube for mellee content
Nice buff on papr but 3 weeks... to late for me !

nice strike on the economy mid-league (AGAIN)

people are pricefixing and getting rich. What kind of BS is this again.

How about trippling the Damage on Starforge Tomorrow, but give me an hour to buy the whole market.

this is getting out of hand..
Mike_84 wrote:
So, a HH rework for the 1% was really prioritized over the old league re-balancing for the 100%?!
BTW, inspired learning? And now 60 secs of random teleportation, movement echoing?

Its a 2ex jewel vs a super rare t0 50ex+ unique belt. Are you serious? hh steals 1 buff per mob with an, inspired steals 1 buff per mob with an. Why the hell should inspired give exactly the same power as hh for 30 times less investment? Use your brain. Its totally fine that inspired stays like it is. If you buff inspired to 60 sec you could just remove hh or make it drop like candy.
ok ggg. please remove echoing hh buff. i litteraly cant move or dash out of degen grounds.
fk archnemesis.
I would not reply to this topic but Ow my how you guys can deliver this "change" and think it solves the problem when it clearly don't?
There are archnemesis modifiers that destroy the player's pace and control instead of improving it. Echoist, Ice prison, Assassin. On top of that we have archnemesis modifiers that are completly useless like steal flask charges. 60 seconds with those. Slow clap.
"Just get Stun Imunity" some say, yeah force stun Immunity on builds just to deal with a bad game design? Like a band-aid! :D
For the love of God, remove Echoist (edit: and Shroudwalker) from the Headhunter pool of Archnemesis rare buffs.
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Still no improvements to the macOS version. Please fix the FPS issue it's unplayable.
OMG 20 to 60 seconds and that it? RIP Headhunter.... =(
I can FLY!
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