Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

Awakened Gems that do ...nothing?

I think you guys forgot that Awaken Gems level from 1 to 5 ..they don't start off at level 4 ( max ) as the same exact version and level of their non awakened one.

What's the point of an Awakened Empower if it doesn't level, and has the exact same effect of a level 4 empower?

Also, HUGE OOF on the small passives that give chance for adjacent map to drop from map boss. You have been having issues getting people to kill map bosses for a decade ..and decide to move that effect to some rando mob in a map? Yeah, no. You expect people to full clear maps every time to make sure they get their passive point investment? Jeeeeze, why do you keep making this same atrocious design mistake?
Seeing a lot of completely absurd takes in this thread.

I am excited about the changes to end game, and to the challenge system. Disappointed that you insist on keeping Kirac's FOMO Pass in the game. While I think that trying new things with balance is good in theory, not touching useless things like Trickster or broken things like Crystallised Omniscience can lead to more stagnation that is necessary.

Overall positive vibes.
Kinda disappointing that after the hydrosphere nerf last league you left many melee skills in a spot where you could give them 100% more damage and they would still be worse in every way than lightning strike or other skills and you are still doing nothing about it.

Meanwhile you give DD, the most overpowered build in game, a free 25% Damage reduction in maps while still not adressing the problems with the damage reduction for melee builds (fortify). Against tanky rares like essences and harvest mobs even if you hit very hard you barely get any fortification stacks. And on some ailment builds its basically impossible to get fortify. If you don't want non melee builds to use fortify, give fortify a downside that makes you deal less damage with non melee skills. Only that way you can make fortify a reliable melee exclusive defense.

The league mechanic looks like another mostly reward focussed mechanic that is just there to give out rewards so people don't play standard. Pressing a button to make mobs around you tankier doesn't look fun to me. Leagues that change the way you play existing zones like delirium and scourge are fun. Or leagues that introduce new zones like delve or synthesis. I'd Even be happy with just a couple new league mobs that appear in maps as long as there is no tedious inventory management to the league.

The new boss fights look interesting, they're probably the only thing that i'm excited about in this patch. A new league boss would have been better than recycled content but this is better than nothing.

But the bigest disappointment is that hardmode got delayed again. With all the powercreep and accelerated progression you can do all base content in the game in one weekend or maybe a week if you take your time. And after that poe gets kinda boring. A couple leagues ago you could at least try out some new builds, but basically the same meta for 3 leagues in a row means that i have played all builds that I wanted to try. I was really hoping for a slower progression with hardmode where the main aspirational goal is to reach red maps and complete the atlas. Honestly having red maps and atlas completion as an aspirational goal is a lot more fun to me than the new aspirational content. But sadly nowadays you can reach red maps and mostly complete the atlas in a couple hours after reaching maps even in ssf if your build can handle it.
KingExodusGG wrote:
three7s wrote:

Can we see the melee characters you have played.... there's so many people that haven't played more than 14/15 challenges worth of content complaining about melee.

Sure go ahead. I always start with a Melee build, but I can't find any class that fits my playing style that isn't just glass thin after level 35. Played a skellies build for the first time this league don't think I'll every play melee again.

Man I miss the good ol' molten strike and reave juggs... RIP
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kinda pog
I like cheese
Boring. no balance change.
I planned to skip 3.18 to play Lost Ark. Unfortunately Amazon nerfed the VPNs and the game is unplayable for me (I'm from a country where the game is available but live in a country where it's not) so I'll be back to PoE. Gonna "force myself" to try out different builds. I haven't tried any Omni builds last league so I'm pretty satisfied about the changes.

Delirium/Harvest on the map device is awesome. No more 2ex sextant to guaranty them.

New Uber content and harder challenges is also good to keep being busy in endgame. :)

Crafting is gonna be interesting with the new league mechanic, can potentially make some OP items.

Nerf to grasping vines was needed.

Overall a pretty decent patch.

JoeShmo wrote:
Awakened Gems that do ...nothing?

I think you guys forgot that Awaken Gems level from 1 to 5 ..they don't start off at level 4 ( max ) as the same exact version and level of their non awakened one.

What's the point of an Awakened Empower if it doesn't level, and has the exact same effect of a level 4 empower?

What have you been smoking? Awakened Empower/Enlighten/Enhance go to level 4 WITHOUT being corrupted. Once you corrupt them, they can go to level 5, which is 1 level higher than the non-Awakened ones. I think allowing them to go to level 6 would be a bit too unbalanced.
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alhazred70 wrote:
Well thanks for not even making it a hard choice to keep playing Lost Ark... granted POE's got to massively improve its combat before it competes with Lost Ark and GGG probably wont actually ever do that. But anyway keep on being the top "lawn mowing monsters with one button" game for those that love that.

Yeah... They really did not inspire confidence with this league reveal.
I think that people are in for a surprise that an unchanged meta isn't all it's cracked up to be.

With that said, it's actually a neat way to assess the state of monster/rare design & difficulty, and the new uber boss content, using last league as a reference point, so it's a cool thing to try.

If nothing else it will hopefully help to calm the people who freak out about the shifting meta every league, by giving an illustration of a 6-month-long-meta's level of stagnation.
no new skill ! ! ! .... we go around in circles for experienced players ... what to play when you have already tried most builds ...

too much effort in paying cosmetics and less and less in the game...

really disappointed for the 2nd league in a row...

I'm going to bore myself in 15 days in this league...

really not happy with the lack of novelty and yet I've been here since the beta...

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