Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

So nobody talking about biggest NERF in poe history? HH cant stack buffs anymore...
dude, that's "the offering" , not "the offspring" lol
NO NERF ANY SKILLS... REALLY ??? WTF GGG, this league looks good :D
"No nerfs no buffs, enjoy stability " --- > Slams mobs with ridiculous mechanics and no way to avoid them.

Yea, nice stability.
Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.
yougehehehe wrote:
dude, that's "the offering" , not "the offspring" lol

Dude, lol, dude, lol...what??
by far my least favorite league announcement
The idea of no nerf no buff is super bad imo
Personally for me i can forgive bad league mechanic but every league needs meta shake or it`s just boring to play cuz no new cool builds
No Nerfs to builds ppl loved to play last league is good, but it has to come with buffs to other builds and/or new skills so ppl can try out new builds if they want to, or stick to their old builds.

Why do you nerf scarab drops so massive? It is a big part of "Play the content you want" that made the lst league so great.

Headhunter seems to be dead, at least it is in Schrödingers box and we will look into it in a few days.

Harder challenges won't rise my motivation to play.

League doesn't look good to me. 3 more hotkeys, a lot micromanagement and no new rewards/uniques.
Endgame(/uber endgame) changes good, but the league mechanic seems mediocre and no new skills or buffs to underused skills or ascendancies. We havent forgotten 3.15 support nerfs making a whole lot less/not viable anymore...

Feels like you're pulling a Tencent. Cause same happened with league of legends where they just slowed down adding new content to a crawl and most changes are targetted at the top end of the playerbase.

Stability = good, forced player retention at the cost of new and fun = bad. Really wanted to be excited about this new league after no new skills last one and no new uniques exclusive to the league mechanic since expedition...
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kingkarlos19 wrote:
Can we PLEASE have a nerf to Strike Skills and Melee in General?
I found it way to easy with these builds to own every content in the game...
You literally play for 2 Days and everything is Faceroll!

Casters are WAY harder to play and gear.

You really mean it, didn't you?
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